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  1. The trailer was awesome but I haven't seen the movie yet... The comments are interesting though.... I think I'll watch it.
  2. Wrath of Khan is an awesome movie! R.I.P. Can't believe he died. I was watching it the other day...
  3. Too bad Force Unleashed wasn't realesed for the PCs too. Never played it.
  4. [Emperor]Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood[/Emperor] I think I might get it then....
  5. I wonder how will it run here... I have a Core 2 Duo E8500 stock with an HD4850 512mb and 4gb of DDR2 1100. BUT, I'm on Vista. Think I could run on 1650x1080?
  6. I liked San Andreas... Haven't played GTA4 though... Heard that it requires a Quad Core for PCs. So I'm not going to bother buying a game I can't play... I am interested in Fallout 3 though. Seems VERY good!
  7. Best reply ever Black Knight of Keno!!!! :D:D:D
  8. Why not?! Just MGS4 itself is worth the price of the PS3!!! :xp:
  9. Oh... I look to all those games and wonder what I missed.... I have to play more.... And get a PS3.
  10. Happy new Year Everybody!!!!! :D
  11. Anyone care to share their presents with me...? lol....
  12. LOL!

    Yeah I remember I used to send you msgs but never get an answer..

    Try to remember to log in!!! lol...

  13. I got hmmm... Lemme see.... Oh wait, that's right, nothing. LOL.
  14. Merry Christmas everybody!!!! I hope you all have a great one as it should be!!!
  15. Heh, yeah. You were sick eh? Didn't you tell me about that one time? Must have been really bad to keep you away from the interwebs.


    Anyway, just wanna say that lately I've been on MSN less often, cause I started to realize that 50% of all incoming IM's would come when I wasn't around (I often forgot to change my status or sign out). So now I often forget to sign in, so meh.

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