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  1. Now if only you could kick/ban remotely then things would be great.
  2. They should either institute punkbuster or get the acts in gear and make a proper remote console. This 1/2 assed stuff is just frustrating.
  3. You can only boot players on a non-dedicated server. "- Host can boot player in a non dedicated server session."
  4. This was just posted on the Lucasarts forums: The PC update is almost ready. We are doing some final tests to make sure everything is ready for all languages. After that, we will be releasing the update worldwide. We hope to have version 1.1 out within the next couple days. In preparation for this release, we've posted an updated dedicated server. This version is required to host games for people who will have the version 1.1 update. It also contains the new features mentioned in earlier posts. You can find this update at Fileplanet here: http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/145862.shtml Check back soon for info on the PC Update release! The Star Wars Battlefront Team
  5. I pushed my luck and wrote back to him asking about a remote console for admins. We'll see what he says if he responds.
  6. Well last week I wrote to Pandemic in an e-mail. It was just the webmaster's e-mail address on their site so I was surprised that it actually made it to the devs. Below is my question to them and their response: Question: I realize you're all very busy but I have an important question from the Linux community. When are linux server files coming for Battlefront? Many of the larger server communites run servers only on linux, due to it's high stability. If you wish this game to have longevity, I suggest that these files be released somewhat soon. Is there a way an ETA for these files can be announced to the community? Thank you for your time. Answer: While Lucasarts may not have announced Linux server files they are in development. There is a patch/update for both the dedicated server as well as the game itself due out this week that it may be a part of. Official announcements regarding Star Wars Battlefront all come from Lucasarts and can be found on their message boards at: http://forums.lucasarts.com/category.jspa?categoryID=12 To find out what will be released and when, keep an eye on the Lucasarts Battlefront message boards. Any feedback you have can also be provided there. Thank You Chris Fusco Developer Pandemic Studios
  7. Still no linux binaries or server admin control. *sigh*
  8. No mention of linux server files..... hmmm
  9. There are currently no console commands built into the game that will allow you to kick/ban or warn a player for any reason.
  10. Yet another pointless patch. I agree skip the small patches and give us a 40MB patch that fixes multiple issues.
  11. He said himself: "I can come up with remote tool but the game does not support kick players and change maps so what would be the point even if u sit in front of the server you cant kick players the best i can do at this point is give admins the ability to start and stop the server choose which maps run and some other usless server settings " So what is the point of having one?
  12. Use BBO as a reference. It has a very simple design but yet is very effective.
  13. Well right now we have a Point of Existence BF:V mod server as well as the official EoD beta server. Just check out http://www.ninjaserve.com for a list of all our servers.
  14. I'd offer my server as an official server. However, we're not putting ours online until server admin tools are released. We (Ninjaserve) are already an official DC server for Desertcombat.org.
  15. You have to be in the gunner position to use the tow cable. If you are then you just hit primary fire.
  16. I too get that. I still have yet to figure out why. It mostly happens on Kashyyk.
  17. I made one but it needs a sticky: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=136622
  18. We seem to have alot of the same questions here so I thought I'd make an FAQ. If you know of anymore frequently asked questions post them, and I'll add. Gameplay Q: How do you make the droideka roll? A: To make the droideka roll push your enter vehicle key. Q: How do you use the jetpack? A: Press the jump key then in mid air press the jump key again to activate the jet pack. To deactivate simply press the jump key again while in the air. To move around while using the jet pack, simply use your mouse. Q: How do I call in an orbital airstrike? A: You must play as the sniper class. In order to call in a strike you must call out your recon droid. To do this press your secondary weapon switch key. Then press your alt-fire key, and your view will change to the recon droid. The droid moves just as a player would. Move the droid to the designated area and press alternate fire. Q: Is this game online only? A: No, there are two different off-line single player modes as well as multiplayer. Multiplayer Q: Can you play against other players on other platforms? A: No there is no cross-platform play available. Technical Q: Why are my graphics blurry? A: They are not. The developers intended this look. It is similar to what is called "soft lighting" in feature films. (ex. Sky Captain)
  19. The droideka is a vehicle, controls are treated as such.
  20. Spectator mode is also great for cheating and taking up useful slots.
  21. I hate it too but I've also said that to one of our admins. It's either that or password the server. We're trying to decide which to do.
  22. Sounds like one of those budweiser commercials: "Real American genius... Today we salute you Mr. L33t Team killer guy"
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