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  1. Well, considering that almost nobody ever used it, at some point I gave up. Going to post an update (6 years in the making! w00t!) on the website.


    How have your projects gone? It's been a while since I've checked in with you guys. :)

  2. hm, didn't know that ja could do focus blur.
  3. Are you still running the chats on efnet?

  4. Glad to hear you made it back in one piece.
  5. BTW, Mojo, another IRC browser based client is mibbit.com. I know efnet.org has been having some problems, so this should work for you. Just click on the chat link (on mibbit.com), select Efnet from the dropdown, put in your nick and #df2mod for the channel and you're good to go!
  6. @DarkStarMojo: Cool. I'm looking forward to it. And if that doesn't work, just download a copy of mirc and follow the help file for connecting to a chat server (in this case, efnet) and a channel (#df2mod, of course ).
  7. @Ibanez: No worries--I've set it up to validate by hand and I've already activated your account. We will not have a problem with spammers this time. Spammers will be deleted with no remorse.
  8. Yeah, well, we've been discussing things on IRC, and you guys are welcome to join there. It really is much better for discussing things than going back and forth on the forums. BTW, DarkStarMojo: You don't even need an IRC client anymore, just go to efnet.org and near the top left is a webchat link. Just pop in "DarkStarMojo" and "#df2mod" into the text fields and your there! No more excuses. @exonimus: Right now there's just me working on it, and I'm starting my levels over too. Oh, and Ibanez and Omnisu--kinda. Jump in the channel if you want to talk about it. On a side note: I locked the forums over at freeforumhost. I'm surprised that they were still being used even after we abandonded them. New forums are in place and we'll announce them once we've prettied them up for all you fine people.
  9. df2mod isn't on hiatus, it's just crawling slowly across the floor, in a semi-comatose state ATM... @ibanez: Drop by #df2mod on efnet and we'll talk. Same goes for you, exo. Really, anyone who has interest in the mod is welcome to hang out there, I check that more regularly than the forums. Also, if you show up and have something to say and I'm not responding, go ahead and type your message in the channel as I'll see it eventually. Also, if you leave your chat window open, the better the chances that you will see the reply. If you're not in the channel, you probably won't see it.
  10. Believe me, my friend, the mod would get done a *lot* quicker if we all didn't have day jobs. Distance isn't the problem, communication and time is. @exonimus: It's not looking for .jkl files, it's looking for the .goo files. You have to pass it a parameter which tells it where to look for those (type jkl2map for it to tell you what the parameters are). If you drop by the channel, I can walk you through the process. I promise to check in the morning here.
  11. It's ready to go (at least in source form). I have to load up MinGW up in my VM to compile it for Windows, but that's about it, really. I found my code where I had already factored in MOTS, and it works.
  12. @DarkStarMojo: Even so you should pop into the channel for a bit. And even if we don't all get on this Monday we can always try again for next week. The only real problem is exonimus: He's in Europe and probably can't do a late night meeting on the east coast of the US.
  13. It'll have to be Monday--I'm going to be traveling the following day.
  14. Actually having a set time/date would probably be best. But last time we we're all in the channel we had a fairly long chat if you remember. Also, this is the reason I recommended keeping your chat window open. I know hhunter can't--can you exonimus?
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