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  1. Hey Madcow do you know how to overwrite weapon models? i need to learn how to i got some models (I didnt make) that i must have
  2. All theese models looked good! 8/10 great work Mars!
  3. Hey i tested this some days a go and it was Perfect thanks Manquesa! i found one "bug" i think tho when u have done the "spin turn" the ship moves to the opposite direction, maybe there isnt much to do about it. Oh and Buffy are you some kind of official screenshot provider? just asking
  4. that looks pretty cool to bad it was to high poly I really hope this gets finished
  5. Maybe you could use the droideka animations and maybe fix them up a bit so they look better on the wheel bike, sounds good to me lol
  6. I like all both of theese Grievous models but i think ill like this one more Marz yours is kickass too!
  7. Heres the same pic thats on your sig, gots a pretty good hand reference http://www.aptirrelevance.com/sw-archive/imgview.php?id=01711
  8. It is pretty good heh but now when i saw that pic of the textures i realized i thought that the torso plates looked abit small. edit:Thanks Darth didnt see that reply earlier
  9. Thanks, i just reged at imagehack and when i uploaded there was diff options like hotlink,forum thumbnails and those sort of things. hmmm it looks like it got better quality when i watch it on my desktop EDIT: done some things on the cape and the arm may put a magna guard behind him
  10. I was bored this evening and made this from looking at a pic as reference , got the idea of the grievous threads ^^ ps:not finished yet gonna make the body and some more voice things on the "mouth" (used the contours as help)
  11. He should have some marks on the cape couldnt find the pic tho
  12. Please continue on the model! it rox
  13. woah those village pics looks brilliant! hmm always when im looking at your pics Moonsoontide they are small but sometimes they are big ;/ is there a way to see them bigger? not clicking on them.
  14. Woah thats some nice shots you got there!!! this will be awsome:.i hope.
  15. Longer than usual? Her species got those long fingers i dont think its unique.
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