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  1. Head back toward the Ebon Hawk, T3 will have a message from some1 for you, and you go on from there. Im stuck just alittle bit further then u in the game!
  2. Not the same with the corpes tho, they stay the same.
  3. All I know is that its nothing near easy, like a few of the reviews said. I actually think its much harder then the first game, but thats my opinion!
  4. Yes, it is true, mine did that, dunno how of if the time mattered, but it does do that!
  5. Im already 14+ hours into it, and will put alot more time b4 the week is up!
  6. Lazy Link Best review so far! and I quote them as to saying, "Sorry Fable, this is the RPG of the year for the XBOX!" I mean, damn, it just came out and its getting this kind of praise! Good job Obsidian!
  7. Lazy Link This one is better then the GameSpot.com one!
  8. Lazy Link I'll let you read for yourselfs!
  9. EB still says "Shipping on 12/06/04". Usually when they ship it it goes on the site that day/early and would say"Now shipping"(if it didnt get delayed for some reason) so I dont know whats up, for the sequal to last years "Game of the year" everyone sure being really quite about it!
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