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  1. There are a couple of free programs you can use... http://www.fraps.com Fraps is probably the most popular. http://planetgamecam.com/ Gamecam is another. Then you're going to need some type of video editing program. Windows Movie Maker is ok, but very limited. If you want to get into more sophisticated editing, Sony Vegas 5, Ulead, Pinnacle's Studio 8.
  2. Well, its been about 3 1/2 months since I played SWBF. I guess I need to catch up, but what's all this stuff about cheatin?? I guess I need a few patches huh? The main reason why I stopped playing is because SWBF was horribly balanced. Infantry were pretty much worthless against vehicles, especially the Rocket Launcher class. Has anything been done about this?
  3. Hey, I got team killed by this guy named DeZeNutz last night... he sounded like a crying girl when I continued to take him out time after time when he was on opposite teams... maybe this was the only he could kill me.. LOL!
  4. LOL! I can honestly say that I'm not insulted at all, but I am curious on what "skill" this guy is mentioning as well... Thanks for the lookout though..
  5. Huh? What does this have to do with being on foot the Rocket Launcher class trying to take out a vehicle?? What if there are no combat speeders or AT-Sts to jump into? Skill? Well, I'd like for you to demonstrate your "skill" when it comes time to trying to take out a vehicle. AND NOT WITH ANOTHER VEHICLE...
  6. You hit this right on the head... this would help out alot for taking out vehicles. For example, in the Battlefield 42 and Vietnam games, if a rocket hits the fuel tank on a tank, that thing is done.. There seems to be no damage points on these vehicle models. Even vehicle to vehicle combat is a joke.. takes forever for a certain vehcile to be detroyed. For the AT ST, maybe the legs can be a weak point.. try to launch rockets at its legs to help disable or destroy it. I don't care what anyone says, its still virtually impossible for the Rocket Launcher class to destroy any vehicle. I consider this to be a key concept to help promote teamwork with SWBF really does lack. Whenever the rocket launcher class solely uses its rockets to kill other infantry, that's just wrong... that's why you hardly ever see "mulitple" classes in the game. The classes in this game really need a good hard look at balance otherwise, we'll continue to have nothing buy Assault frag fests with absolutely no teamwork involved.
  7. You're kidding me right? Tell me what vehicle do you find "easy" to kill?? Sorry, but there is no way in hell it is as "easy" as you put it... I mean, if you're talking about a speeder, then maybe.. but if you're talking about one of the full-size (not so much a At ST or the like), but even smaller vehicles, there is no dam way anyone has an easy time killing these vehicles. .
  8. This isn't really a complaint and I know this may have been discussed before, but I just feel that the rocket launcher class should be able to help alot more when needed.. especially when vehicles are spawn raping. I mean, I can't even count the amount of rockets it takes to take down the smallest ship or vehicle. Mines are a good thing as they have more explosive power than your rockets, but its a shame that you can waste all of your ammo trying to put a mere dent in a vehicle. By the time you are looking for more ammo, you're pretty much dead. Certain vehicles (I reall can't remember their names) damage really needs to come down or the spawn raping and scores like: 100 2 0 will be a constant downgrade to gameplay.
  9. I liked the game right out of the box, to be quite honest... I didn't think it was goin to be the next best thing in the FPS genre, but it is alot of fun. patches will only make this game better.. people crying about not having a light sabre is pretty dam sad.. hahahahah give me a break here guys..
  10. Yeah, I just grabbed the patch last night, but didn't install it yet.. gotta do that.. I went back to BF Vietnam for a while.. man, I love that game. I see SWBF as a fun, arcade-like shooter where BFV is a little more intense and immersive.. I guess it really comes down to the ambieance.. you could be sitting in the jungle there all by yourself, listening to the crickets and birds chirping and then WHAM! BULLET IN THE HEAD! Anyway, I'll give it a go tonight... thanks for the reminder!
  11. Spawn rapin' has been increasingly growing in alot of the public servers lately and it was bound to happen. One bad thing about not being able to cap a point while in a vehicle. Someone could literally just sit there and kill all day long without capping. The devs really need to take a look at vehicle damage as well.. In my opinion, its way too tough for infantry to take out a vehicle and even when you're in a vehicle, the amount of damage that you can take and dish out goes on for way too long. I hope future patches address this as it sometimes does ruin a good game. I've seen games literally last 1-2 minutes because of situations like this. no fun in that...
  12. Please provide a link.. I'd like to read the details of this "communication"... thanks.
  13. Huh? Dude, what DICE game are you playing?? I'm not sure what you are talking about here, but DICE totally dropped the ball on BFV.. you can't be serious with this comment... communicate daily? you must be out of your mind, bro... you are way off base here.... the recent patch that was released for BFV (1.2) was the first patch released in MONTHS after screwing up prior patches.. I can't believe what I just read here..
  14. That's nothing... me Vader went for a couple of drinks at the bar on Tatooine.. he got tired of light-sabering everyone, so I bought him a stiff drink.. he said it took the edge off a little..
  15. Roger that 100%.... the damage system to vehicles is ridiculous.. I don't even play the Rocker Launcher class any longer, why should I, it doesn't do any good? A player in a vehicle or the like can just fire and collect kills by the dozen even after taking many, many, rockets... infantry becomes usless. I like the idea of the invulnerability period, that's something new to me and think its a great idea.. I would want these two items addressed in the next patch, no doubt.
  16. HAHAHAHA you're absolutely right! When I first got this game the day of its release, I actually was impressed with the bots in this game due to the fact that I had to go through years of horrible AI with 42/BFV. You wanna talk dumb? How about in some cases where you can literally walk up to a bot in BFV, shake hands, have a cup of coffee, then proceed to gun him down with your AK-47 without the bot even attempting to fight back. Now those are some dumb bots. At least the bots in this game will always fight back...
  17. Nicely done! It would be nice if we had some console commands that would allow us to remove the hud, then we could get some cleaner footage...
  18. I usually got my "cameras" rolling, recording ingame action for my next movie... if you want to be on the 'big-screen', add me up! Xfire: grep
  19. I think its a good idea... or they could make it like the BF series where if someone dies, the weapon stays for a certain peroid of time, so you can pick it up... once you do, you have that weapons kit to use until you die.
  20. After having to play SWBF since the day of its release, I have had the opportunity to play all of the maps over and over again. I have come to the conclusion that I am in favor of certain maps simply because they produce much more teamwork than others, sometimes even on public servers. Now forgive me if I dont quite remember the names of the maps, but many of the "close-quarter" maps just turns out to be one big Team Deathmatch, which in my opinion, is basically like every other game out there.. (Quake, UT, etc. ) Being a long time BF42 and BFV fan, I've always been impressed with the larger scaled maps, so my statement above doesn't surprise me one bit. This BF series of games pretty much mastered these types of map layouts, thus becoming one of the most popular games to date. Moving onto SWBF, there are a few maps that contain more action and fun because simply because of the larger size...a good example is Hoth. Wide-open terrain make for better movement of vehicles, it actually takes time to get to an ensuing battle or even defend cap point when under attack, just overall appealing when it comes to full-scaled battles. Believe me, if you travel in packs and work as a team, the rebels can be victorious on this map. I have been in games where I've seen it happen. Some of the maps where the theme is based on a space station or the sort, are pretty much the same as the smaller maps.. its simply just a frag-fest and to see who can beat who in score, no matter what team you are on. But perhaps thats what the initiative and the design was for... there is something for everyone, I suppose. I just tend to avoid these though as I am more of a team player than worried about racking up scores or being at the top of the scoreboard. The smaller maps really just turn into a chaotic mess with lazers and people just running around with no purpose. Sure the object is to capture the cap points, but take a look at people's scores at the end of the game and look at the CP score.. you'll notice that not too many people even attempt to go for the cap points, they just want the frags. I'm really hoping that if level designers obtain a map editor for this game, we will see more "BF42-like" maps. In my opinion, the battles are more intense and have more meaning to capture command posts instead of running around aimlessly just shooting at everything that moves.
  21. Hey! Good ol NinjaServe... I was playing BFV every night on that server, until it moved to ToD I think... very much liked that mod, but nobody was playing it... how come you guys never went back to BFV?
  22. That is me... Ok, I'll have to get my brother in on it as well.. He'll do the fliming and I'll wrap up the big boy's legs!!
  23. I was just wondering if you guy have or plan on having a dedicated server running SWBF. If so, it would be cool if all of the members that visit these forums get into a full scale battle! Would be lots of fun, then come back and discuss our experience..
  24. Excellent! Thanks for the info.. will try this out tonight!
  25. Perhaps I missed something or I did not configure my controls properly, but how do you use the cable coming from a snowspeeder to wrap up a Large AT walkers so it trips? Sorry if this is a repost, but the search feature is disabled...
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