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  1. AHA! I have discovered Fred's real name!!!! :evil2: T7 edit: whats the point of this?! Don't spam. Now you people understand Darth333 edit:{snip} I'm so evil!
  2. <HK47> Translation: Please spank me first, and may you spank me again. </HK47>
  3. Its not over yet ,but I need a total of 20 numerical answers by friday!
  4. I'm doing a project for school which requires a survey with data gathering. So I need people to reply to this question(I need 20 responses): "How many hours do you use the computer" So please reply.
  5. Remember Fred when I asked about you allowing people to implement Kotor Tool features through the use of Add-Ons. I said before this would save you work. You might also want to see this link: Click Here!.
  6. All it would do is it would allow 3rd Party extensions to add functionality to Kotor Tool with cool stuff not already there. If you heard of the .NET Reflector, you would see what I mean. It was just a suggestion that could help you not work so hard, but if you disagree then I will go back to the Drawing Board.
  7. This is just a suggestiob but...could you allow plug-in support? You may have seen it in JED for Jedi Knight. It was implemented with OLE, but .NET allows many things to be possible including plug-ins using a *.dll file. Anyway this was just a suggestion.
  8. I jot down mod ideas during school and I have StarWars fonts. That's what mods are for!
  9. What kind of connections do you people have for your internet? I have Satellite.
  10. On the Obsidian forums, the Devs said the file formats in TSL would be the same as KOTOR, so you are correct sir.
  11. Can you upgrade existing installations with the installer you provide?
  12. Hey Fred, what program did you use to develop KOTOR Tool? Was it Visual Studio .NET or SharpDevelop?
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