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  1. I want one too: a Counter-Strike Counter-Terrorist. Or how about the thing in my avatar? I can't decide...
  2. I know STDs are a problem, but abstinence until marriage is an extreme solution. I don't want to live like an asexual most of my youth and I actually want to have more than one partner in my lifetime, before becoming commited to one person. (I don't want to get married young.) Overall, the chance of getting an STD is very low. We have condoms which are very effective against many STDs. (Unmarried) couples who remain faithful and check themselves for STDs are at even lower risk. I don't think the Catholic view on sex is reasonable because I don't follow the Bible. If I disregard it, there is little nothing to convince me otherwise. I believe the Church's view on sex was partially reasonable at best, a long time ago when there was no reliable birth control, but now times have changed. HAHA! I think he's still registered and can come back. That would be fun: [MEKMODE] .... sex is only for marriage, between one man and one woman ....... NATTY, U R INSANE 4 NOT ACCEPTING MY VIEWS!!1! ...... if you use contraceptives, U R KILLING AN INNOCENT BABY .... OMG, I live in a country where prostitution is LEGAL. WHATEVER shall I do??? ...... I think homosexuality is wrong. Even though private, mutually consenting, adult sexual activity shouldn't concern me, I WILL STOP IT! ............. NATTY, U R RUDE N U WILL GO 2 HELL!!1one ................................ [/MEKMODE]
  3. OK, the pope is dead and that's that. How do I feel? Just as sorry as I would feel as if another human being died of old age. We are ALL going to die one day. I don't think he was special. I don't have anything against him and I certainly don't wish anyone's death, although I do disagree with some of his beliefs. Teaching people that using condoms or birth control is wrong, in a time of STDs, HIV and overpopulation is just plain ignorant. Besides, where in the Bible does it say that family planning is a sin? I find some Catholic teachings inconsistent with the Bible. (Which shouldn't surprise anyone as the Bible is sometimes inconsistent with itself.) I hate it when Christians (or any other people, religious or not) are so close-minded that they think their subjective moral views are ABSOLUTE TRUTHS and must be forced on others, sometimes even by law.
  4. HAPPYYYY BIRTHDAAAAAY!!! :elephant::elephant:
  5. Too bad that doesn't work and you can't see his e-mail address by looking at his profile, but mods and admins can see it from the mod/admin menu. He might have changed his e-mail though.
  6. Do you honestly believe that people should be forced by law to follow religious beliefs? What about freedom? Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance. - Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Also, (I don't live in USA but) doesn't the Constitution say that laws should not be influenced by religious beliefs?
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    Meksilon came back and registered as Sutcara. The account was banned, but he re-registered as Puphlicus. Nobody has banned his last account yet. I don't think he should be banned again, unless he starts flaming or posting more bigotry. Hasn't he proved his hypocrisy in the past when he used to pick up e-fights? He's a Christian and Jesus taught love not hate. In my opinion, banning someone simply because of ban evasion is stupid. As long as the person has changed and doesn't continue to spam or flame, I think he/she should be given another chance. People change and learn from their past. If one person is immature now, it doesn't mean he/she will be equally immature in the future.
  8. Emin3m 2


    I am honestly surprised that Meksilon has not yet posted a religious comment about how morally wrong sex before marriage is and how it leads to sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy.
  9. (I can't come up with an original way of saying it, so) Drugs are bad! Drugs are seriously unhealthy, pointless and a complete waste of money. Anyone who does drugs is lacking either education, maturity, intelligence or the ability to deal with problems in life properly. There are so many dumbass teens, who can't think for themselves and start doing drugs because their "friends" tell them to or because some superficial celebrity they idolize is doing it. Smoking is also bad, although it's less harmful than (other?) drugs. It depresses me that so many teens and pre-teens start smoking. From what I've noticed in my school, teens who are less educated and their brainless, conformative friends tend to like smoking more than others. I think alcohol is bad too, especially when you drink too much. A lot of accidents, vehicle accidents, murders, fights etc could be easily avoided if some people didn't get drunk. Yeah, I am against doing drugs, smoking and drinking alcohol. These are really bad habits, in my opinion. I don't even like the smell of cigars or the taste of alcoholic drinks. I don't even like beer that doesn't contain alcohol.
  10. I don't see any major "improvement".
  11. Emin3m 2


    What happened here? Looks like a forum glitch.
  12. Where is the "I like chess" option? *Edited, I almost forgot this: -> <-
  13. Where I live, drinking seems to be legal at any age, but nobody is allowed to sell drinks to people under 18. By the way, here is the list of words I love: spamming flamming trolling Do not close me, I have the gnikcuf right to say this!
  14. Guys, true love exists (at least for people who believe in it)! It's not just a sexual attraction. People have feelings, emotions, they want much more than just sex.
  15. Happy birthday, Mek! :elephant::elephant: From your biggest gay fan, Max.
  16. I have some video clips (AVI's, MPG's etc). How can I extract their sound into WAV's or MP3's? Does anyone know? Can anyone give me a link to free software that can do that?
  17. I played and finished all Monkey Island games.
  18. I don't think there is anyone on this forum who hasn't played at least one game. Noone would regsiter on a Monkey Island forum just to post off-topics in the Harbour/Delete Me! forum. You could do a search on his posts to find out. EDIT: He played Monkey Island games alright. Otherwise, he woudn't post in these threads: 1 2
  19. I didn't read all of his threads so I don't really know who started this "flame war". However, I don't think his behaviour was appropriate. He is a Christian and Jesus taught love not to judge and hate others. He said he hated homosexuality. Maybe he doesn't hate gays, but he sure doesn't accept them and that's almost as bad. Homophobia is a form of discrimination just as bad as racism, sexism etc. It's a shame Meksilon hates homosexuality now, he said he used to accept it. Doesn't he realize that sexual orientation comes from birth and noone can (or should) change it? Scientists said so too. Besides, being gay isn't just about sex it's also about having real, romantic feelings for a person of the same gender. But Meksilon is one of those type of Christians that take mistranslated biblical verses out of context in an attempt to condemn homosexual love and even all forms of sexual expression outside marriage. Because of hateful people like him, many gays have a very tough life. Furthermore, he said he hated some members of LucasForums and flammed them. Well, I did that too, but I was just fooling around. Meksilon should also learn to respect other people's opinions. He thinks he's sooo perfect.
  20. Meksilon should visit: http://www.libchrist.com and http://www.inkaboutit.homestead.com . It might cure him of his homophobia and/or sexually repressive ideas.
  21. Maybe this will help. It's a list of Meksilon threads. Say Nice Things About Meksilon Meksilon on MSN to Mek The resurrected list of hated people The list of people I hate. Dear God... Happy Birthday Meksilon To Mek Holy shizz! that was one scary situation To Neil I'm really upset, my friend got mugged on Saturday night Ivf I have returned Relationships Relationships in the Bible The Meksilon VS Natty case Well thats it Are you gay?
  22. I hope I didn't sound like a Bible nerd or anything. I was just pointing out that by hating any of us, Meksilon, a Christian who is very strong in his beliefs, ignores an important commandment. Ironic, isn't?
  23. Actually the first most important commandment is to love God. Then the second one is to love the neighbour as yourself.
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