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  1. 3 minutes ago, Huz said:

    Monkey Island Heardle #372



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    GUH. I must have chosen every other CMI-intro related option (plus some that were completely wrong).


    Mostly what I could hear in my brain was Wally crying, which is funny because that doesn't happen at exactly the same time as this track is playing.




    Oh god, I can hear it now.


  2. Is it possible to elaborate in greater detail on what makes the writer’s cut feel worse without literally going into each piece of extra dialogue?


    I did suspect perhaps it adds more than is necessary, but at the same time I also imagined it being a bit like the Lord of the Rings extended editions, where if you’re a huge fan you’ll welcome the extra time spent in the universe irrespective of pacing issues.


    I love adventure game dialogue so it’s hard for me to imagine not enjoying the game as much with even more of it to enjoy, but it’d be good to hear another perspective. I was also worried there’d be more strange omissions like the extra Pirate Leaders scene.

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  3. Monkey Island Heardle #365




    Not my favourite rendition of this I must say. The flute seems a little raw and it’s generally less luscious than its original incarnation.


    I loved these revisits in ReMI:







  4. 11 minutes ago, Huz said:
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    Nowhere is as bustling with invisible patrons as Planet Threepwood (except for, perhaps, Blondebeard's chicken shop).




    Heh, yes. This is a particular oddity of Grim Fandango and Escape, I think because the engine/computers couldn’t handle too many characters on screen, so you ended up with strangely sparse locations such as Year Four’s casino.


    An interesting detail that didn’t stand out so much until the remaster is that some of the Blue Casket patrons are just pictures baked into the background, and at the race track they’re a video. I guess the scenes in EMI didn’t lend themselves so well to this.


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  5. Yes same time works well for a niche audience I think. I get confused even when some of you share multiple days and I can’t remember what it was.


    A small QoL improvement would be embedding a link to the game in the shared results like Wordle does. It’d make it much easier to jump in. 😁

  6. I don’t think it needs much change to continue being fun, just more variety of at least Monkey Island games would go a long way.


    It could become less fun for those not into the broader LucasArts ecosystem if it didn’t stay focused on Monkey Island, but I don’t know how many people play it beyond this extremely knowledgeable audience. 😅

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