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  1. hehe, what do you all think? Does it look ok? ------------------
  2. Hey Manny, who are you and why are you advertising the GFC?
  3. There's a troubleshooter? 8)
  4. Make sure as well as downloading the patch you download the latest drivers for your vifeo card.
  5. I think Niko would be Herman
  6. I think Niko would be Herman
  7. Hehe good to hear ------------------
  8. Hehe good to hear ------------------
  9. Yup, my new site 'DigiTech' will be opening soon, fully equiped with a guestbook If you have any 2d/3d computer art you would like to submit, send it to DigiTech@graffiti.net ------------------
  10. Second one didn't have the same like feel of the first. The first one had more of a 'Paris' feel. Can't really explain it...
  11. I think in MI5 they should get Lechuck seemingly gone forever, but leave a small loophole that would have allowed his survival. Then, in much later years when nobody expects it, BAM, Monkey Island returns.
  12. Saying please would possibly help ------------------
  13. wtf, Broken Sword 3?? ------------------
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