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  1. Yeah, the developers spent lots of time on that game, and to not even be paid by some cheap basta*d is very lame. But if you did buy it, that's ok
  2. If you have a Voodoo 3 that can already be answered. Download the latest Voodoo3 drivers (www.3dfxgamers.com) and install to fix a problem that MUST be fixed later in the game. And this black screen? Voodoo3's don't like EMI in OpenGL, so go into OPTIONS(autorun menu), and the second selection from the top, into TROUBLESHOOTING and finally select Direct3D, or vice-versa.
  3. My fave was the cut-scene where the secret of monkey island is revealed near the end of EMI.
  4. I noticed them the second time I played EMI ------------------ I feel dizzy... ~Murray~
  5. I'll add more as I think of them..... ------------------ I feel dizzy... ~Murray~
  6. Also, examining the fog in the Mysts 'o' Time reveals wonders ------------------ Mwahahahaa!! You shall never catch the Demonic skull MURRAY!!! ...god damnit!!!
  7. Type 'skull' at any time in the game. Go in/out of changing tent 16 times. Keep attempting to pick up Murray until he starts saying things he's already said, then look at him and quickly type 'Murrayball'
  8. I'm from the UK Chunkey. Strange how we always meet on different boards
  9. Go into your cd, go into TEXTURES.....go into SPAGO and into a/b/c. Anyfile in there that ends with .mb4 can be renamed to a playable MP3
  10. *cough* Yes anyway....does anyone know how to rip the backgrounds outta EMI? Rename them or something? I know you can get the mb4 music files to play as mp3's by renaming them, but what do u do with the backgrounds? If someone answers, alotta people'd be grateful
  11. Ok........ever see that feature on mixnmojo where they show EMI with/without anti-aliazing? Well my friend had his like that. And I don't mean Jagged Edges, I don't mind them, it's that strange thing....just look at the edges on Timmy.....they kinda move!
  12. Because my friend has it and the characters don't have those wierd edges like Timmy in your sig.
  13. 1) When I play EMI with my Voodoo 3 in OpenGL, the game reverts to my desktop. I even have the patch and latest drivers!!! 2) I need a save game for the begginning of EACH island up the Jambalaya island, as I also want a save for just b4 you leave Jambalaya.
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