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  1. ok this is a wierd place for this but i need help finding the music files in the sims 2. my friend says you can take them and put 'em on cds mp3 players etc. etc. but he doesent know how. i need to know so i can put turgid apocolipse on my mp3 player.... thanks in advase!
  2. YAY! more pokemon peeps! i don't have the game any more but i had emerald. it was very addictive... my team was: (yes i still remember from like months ago...) lvl 78 Rayquaza lvl 77 groudon lvl 75 kyogre lvl 60 blaziken (or whatever the third evolve of torchick is) lvl 40 houndoom lvl 48..... i can't remember... well anyways... yay!
  3. holy crap! you actually know his bday. anyways... happy birthday to all who have a bday!
  4. go to geeks.com. thats where i got mine for like $38-$40 dollars. they sell lot of stuff cheap!
  5. OMG my cousin just sent me that on Myspace! made me laugh again and again! It pwns
  6. Holy crap! there is a transformers movie? i bet they'll screw it up as they tend to do these days. i liked the original show on fox kids, sharkbyte was the best character by far.
  7. Holy crap that is so freakin awsome!
  8. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnit double dammit. god i would have crapped my pants if that happened to me. so so soooo glad you and your family are safe. damn i wish something cool (Not that this is cool!) like a alien space ship would land where i live.
  9. Holy crap this EXACT thing happend to me! yeah you just need to download the best drivers and it should work.
  10. yeah dont try to land while goin fast it'll kill you
  11. you probably turned on force player models on accedent. i think all you gotta do to turn it off is go into options and tun it off.
  12. yeah, i baught an mp3 player on ebay for $41 a couple months ago and like two DAYS after i got it i got an error message saying: "Disk error!" and the when i pluged it into the puter it sayed: "please reformat the system on this product" or somthing like that, but the guy who sold it to me was really nice and offered to send me a new one but i asked for a refund. now i know not to buy cheap chinese knock-offs of ipod nanos.
  13. meh. i like alot of kinds, but the bands i like(first favorite first!) are:linkin park(punk/altrnative), evanesence(metal)(SP?), blackalicius(its rap that doesent suck),(sp?) queen(rock), green day(i think rock), and avril lavigne sort-of(Pop-ish). blackalicius is cool because its not like "mutha F***er" every ten seconds. consius(sp?) rap is soo Kool.
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