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  1. Wow, that was a long time ago. I don't remember if I found a way with basejk. From recollection, we changed the way the server kicks bots; instead of trying to kick by name we had it kick by client ID. I'm a little fuzzy on the details, so there may be a way without server-side changes, but I can't recall off hand. All I know is, we gutted out most of ID's code and had to rewrite a lot of functions and add prototypes to accomplish what we wanted, including memory allocation and freeing – practically non-existent in JK, such a pain. There's so many features we coded that never got released to the public, like server-side aimbot detection and 3-Way CTF for example, not to mention a JA port; such a shame. Anyway, Best of luck!
  2. Dear Open Jedi Project: We are currently working on a 3-Way CTF addition to our mod. Rather than asking for help regarding the coding aspect, I am here to ask if you know of any "good" JK2 mappers. I considered compiling a list of mappers from places like JK2Files and PC-GameMods, but I would like to know if any of you have had experience with looking, and working, with a mapper. It would be a 4-map project, with no special textures or models, based off the original JK2 CTF maps. I also considered making a post requesting a mapper on major gaming threads, but that could be perceived as desperation. Thank you for your time, Law
  3. Actuall. As of today, we're done with the first beta. It was a bit confusing at first, but after a few days we got the hang of it. Though we had to make a server-side function to attach the selected colors to the player's state. As we could not figure out how to get the UI to do that. It wasn't as difficult as I had expected. The hardest part was figuring out how the UI's OWNERDRAW function worked. Though I finally got it to draw the colored box, according the the RGB sliders. Though not really apart of the project, we finally have semi-transparent ctf flags setup. BTW, is that avatar from FreeSpace2? I am sure I've seen that character somewhere before. Or, it could just be me. Anyway, Thanks for all your help.
  4. To Moderator: Since I am just asking questions and figuring them out, this thread may not need to be retained. If you wish to keep it for archive purposes you may. If not, by all means delete it. Thanks for all your help.
  5. Is there a way I can contact Tchouky? I have a question about JK2's ui ownerdraw function. An email address was not left in the readme. Thanks,
  6. I have the selection menu layed out now. We're working on the disruptor's entites. Though I got lost when attempting to show a preview display of the choosen color. I think the UI may heavily involved. (UPDATE) It was late last night. I guess that's why.
  7. Much thanks for your response. I will get started, and keep you updated. Thanks again,
  8. Dear Open Jedi Project: Sect-AC is currently one of the largest Pro-Class JK2 InstaGib communities. Our most recently completed project is the muTracker, an online server monitor for a number of games. A working RCON Interface and a Force & Weapon Display are available for JK2 & JKJA. We have coded our own JK2 Server-Side Mod, which handles majority of our admin needs, has an internal score/kills/deaths/caps/accuracy Client Stat-Tracker, and features other miscellaneous attributes. The mod was ported to JK3; due to little interest, the project was terminated. Currently, we are developing the next version of the JK2 mod. However, in this version we would like to take InstaGib to the next level and implement Client-Side Plug-ins. We are looking to create a plug-in, which would allow clients to customize the color of the disruptor’s fire color via sliders. We are not looking for a code handout. Rather, we are in need of a place to start. Little documentation on how to approach this type of project could be found on the Internet. Would you be able to offer us any insight or advice regarding the matter? Thank you for your time, AC :: TLA
  9. I have found a way, thanks anyway.
  10. I have a modified '/botfiles/bots.txt' file. The bot's have a one word name, with no spaces, they also have a 'funname' with colors and spaces surrounded in "quotation-marks". The server's 'bot_minplayers' is to 4, so eight bots are loaded in the server. The bots connect, and display their 'funname', so that works. But when I or anyone else connects, only the bots with no spaces in their name will get kicked. (and since the first connected bot generally has spaces in it's name, no bots are ever kicked) So I tried it out on a quick local server and I get the following message: Usage: kick <player name> kick all = kick everyone kick allbots = kick all bots Here is one of the bots config { name serverbot1 funname "^2tru ^72 ^2life" model Lando color1 0 personality /botfiles/Lando.jkb } This is a JK2 server by the way. Thanks for any help,
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