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  1. You can add them manually (via /addbot) - cvars like e.g. bot_minplayers don't work though afaik.
  2. Well, as far as I can see monssontide only stated that if Pahricida wanted to convert it to a MBII map he could do it. He didn't say he was making it as a MBII map I don't think we've ever "sucked up" any good idea for Siege maps (as in - persuaded people who originally wanted to make a basejka map to make it a MBII one). All our maps are either heavily modified FFA maps (which were originally released for basejka/basejo - e.g. Jabba's Palace, Sith-J's Tatooine map etc) or have been made specifically for MBII (i.e. the mappers didn't want it to be a Siege map in the first place). Don't get me wrong - I'm taking no offense from your post. Just wanted to clear that up Before I joined the MBII team I've been a long-time Siege player as well and I agree that Siege desperately needs some (good) new maps. ------------ On topic: Looks very nice, monsoontide. I've already been a big fan of Bast Castle and I'm sure as a map that's been designed with a more linear layout this one will turn out even better playability-wise Just don't include lifts of doom Out of curiosity - which filesize does Endor have atm? If it's close to the one of Bast Castle you might want to hint server admins at increasing sv_timeout - I remember that when testing Bast Castle quite a few people couldn't join the server (due to the filesize they timed out before the map had finished loading on their comp) if that cvar was set to the standard value.
  3. Well, mp/siege_hoth is a basejka map - so that server should've been running basejka I guess. Just make sure you are not accidentally joining MBII servers - if you try joining those without having the mod installed, it's very likely that the error you mentioned will pop up Unfortunately, MBII servers show up as Siege ones in the ingame browser so it's quite easy to accidentally join a MBII one (especially since there are more servers running MBII than ones running Siege - according to ASE at least). You can tell them apart by the map names - the Siege servers will run maps starting with "mp/siege_" whereas the MBII ones won't. Other than that, the most common reasons for this error usually are either a pirated copy of the game or using a no-CD crack (as was already mentioned).
  4. Then I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't draw an image of MBII being admin-abuse heavy - which your previous post certainly did for people who don't know the mod. If an admin on our official servers is found abusing his powers, his admin privileges will be removed immediately. But so far we have not been getting one single complaint about our current set of admins in 6 months they have been "on duty". We choose our admins carefully. MBII also does not incorporate any admin commands other than the basejka ones. So any admin-abuse you might encounter on MBII servers certainly has nothing to do with the mod itself. I don't see why you felt the urge of dragging MBII into this thread anyway.
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