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  1. Do you mean in Hunt mode? If you did thats not what I meant, I was just talking about a new army class for SwBF3. If you did'nt mean Hunt mode, I must of missed that from the game, lol.
  2. Make it actually feel like it’s a war is a great idea. Unfortunately though if they want to add AI to the maps, they need to take on time so the AI isn’t running into walls, or just standing around while theirs fighting going on three feet away. I mean we all want to be apart these HUGE battles! Where you have lasers whizzing past your heads, tanks and speeders shooting up everything in site! Some adrenaline rush ****, that’s what would make this game great. If they make you feel overwhelmed from the enemy. What about realistic damage as well? How cool would that be? A tank shoots a cannon at the wall and the wall just gets a huge hole through it, with bricks flying everywhere the whole Sha-bang! Not let me drift back to reality. I mean this is Lucas Arts were talking about where wowing people with their games happens rarely. And the same guys who have built a sequel almost exactly the same as the first. These are the same guys who are making such a huge deal about there X-box patch, like they are soooooooo great to give one platform a patch. These are the guys who have gone mum on the pc patch probably because they are working on Battlefront3 so it hits another rushed release in six months. Guess what though? In SwBf3 there is now playable gungans! WOOT! It is truly Pathetic.
  3. First, of all you cannot say we all like the game, it would be a false statement because you don’t really know that we all here at these forums like it. Secondly, the info I gave for the 3rd installment would make the game great! I am disappointed you wouldn’t want to hear imo what would make the series better. Thirdly, Even though it is the best selling Star Wars game of all time doesn’t mean it is good. The first one became over hyped because of the movie thus giving it a better chance to make more money. Many, and I mean many people got f****ed over with installation problems in the first one among other glitches. The Lucas Arts boards were swamped with complaints. And guess what? The people couldn’t get there money back because most stores do not take opened games. Why not disagree? I can have my say and defend my opinions cant I? Or should I just act like a clone and follow the crowd and never argue. KotoR is a RPG. It is not a mass online multiplayer action game. You don’t need realistic fighting with it. You are talking about a whole different genre of game. Lastly, Battlefront 2 was like a patch or expansion for Battlefront 1. It is not totally different at all. A few more maps, a few tweaks here and there, playable Jedi, space battles. It is not a full new installment. BattleField 2 and Unreal Tournament among other games does stuff like this just for patches.
  4. Who said you need a $100.00 yoke controller to play the game? I'm talking about game play that takes a little more skill. I mean come on bro are you really happy with the space combat? It's mostly rushed together. They just need to spend more time on it. Answers this, when you play as a soldier don’t you feel like your playing with almost like cheap plastic? The models are almost toy like. Who said if it's a little more realistic it cant be fun? To me your standards for games are somewhat low my friend. Okay if they DO make the 3rd one arcade like. THEN at least make it well. I wouldn’t have a problem with the game if it was up to Unreal Tournament series standards but the truth is, it is not. And the population of the game and complaints about the game proves it. And Rainbow 6? The series has been slowly falling of the track for a while now my friend.
  5. I hope LA comes to their senses and makes a new JK or KoToR game. This series has been nothing but rehashed models thrown in a few maps and a terrible space combat control layout. LA, don’t make a SWBF3 because I will not buy it and I guarantee it many others won’t either after the first two terrible installments. If they were going to make a 3rd installment in this series this is what they would have to do. -Make it more real; I’m tired of these arcadey fire fights. It requires almost no skill to play and kill anyone in this game. It’s just one nade f*** fest. -Fix the space battles control scheme. Sure they were able to put some sort of configuration together in this one but it needs to be totally redone and re-looked at. It again requires no skill to lock on and kill off anyone in the game. -Upgrade the graphics engine. I’m tired at looking at these dated graphics. I mean come on, most of the maps are just plastered skins. -Change the game play. No more nade fights please. It just makes the game even more boring and repetitive, and makes even less people want to play it then there already is. Oh yea, make sure you actually do some tests and get sid of the very obvious glitches and bugs instead of rushing it out for a quick buck. Finally, make it it’s own game. Not some more maps and wait! There’s now 5 more Jedi! Not cutting it. It didn’t cut it in Battlefront 2, don’t dupe us again in this one. This is what I would do if I were working on Battlefront 3. But again I would rather want a JK or KoToR game. Or even a Republic Commando sequal, anything but this terrible series.
  6. I'll sell my Battlefront 2 game for a reasonable price, if your interested just pm me. Its in great condition, I'm just bored of the game.
  7. This game is a nightmare! Everytime I join a game, (empty or full), seconds later the game crashes. My computer is meant for gaming so I know that my specs have nothing to do with it. (I just bought the 7800 graphic card) No one has an answer in the bug boards, help!! Other poeple haveing my problem or close to it http://www.forumplanet.com/3dactionplanet/swbf2beta/topic.asp?fid=14924&tid=1747480
  8. ... mission based gameplay. I lost interest in the first one way to quickly. I'm hoping they do something like what Unreal Tounament does, so you have different modes to play the game. Or even missions that make you protect someone or you must defuse something. I mean if I want to just capture the spawn point I'm just going to play Battle Field 2. Does anyone else feel that they better deliver big? If they just add a few new maps and tweak a few things, I'm definetely not buying the game.
  9. Click the link, then click the LA interview, then watch and enjoy. www.gametrailers.com/e3_2k5.php?p=&letter=&start=15
  10. Hands on preview people, check it out. http://ps2.ign.com/articles/606/606383p1.html
  11. Ive been trying to figure out how to cancel my galaxies account. Ive been looking everywhere when I load the game and no luck, can someone tell me how?
  12. This may of been posted already but heres 6 screens and a preview. http://www.gamespot.com/ps2/action/starwarsbattlefront2/preview_6122653.html?q=1&tag=gs_hp_flashtop_bg
  13. Most likey dead, because well, the games dead.
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