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  1. lol you haven't changed at all over 6 years........ get a life for real.... the JK series IS NOT coming back period!......... try a new forum instead tbh... ****in losers... lol no need to comment on this cuz it will be another r6 years before i come back again and if you do you are talking to nothing more than a brick wall rofl pathetic slags................
  2. LOL you nerds haven't changed one bit. im glad i left a year or so ago i came back today to see if anything was new... and low and behold, nothing but the same nieve and shallow sh1t i left last time... rofl /sigh.
  3. actually there is a LIVE action SW plus a CGI clone wars adaptation due out this year or early nxt so the hope isnt dead yet... plus lucas is in talks passing down eps 7-9 to someone else but that is mere speculation as of this point.
  4. what a ****in joke........ jeez. is SW THAT dead yet to try and revive it in some stupid ass fighting game? i mean come on! plz....
  5. good luck man, hope you do well. May the Force be with you (couldn't resist)
  6. OH NOES I didn't punctuate right on the internet...... and some of those capital letters were code to hyper speed or acronyms used within the game .... P.S. with scores like these... I don't need to use the shift key for your approval. thanks!
  7. expert was easy on the sightread on hyperspeed lvl 3. its getting your scores past that and FC'n songs and seeing what you can do on hyper5.... 438K on metallica: one Hyperspeed 5 94% hit with 328 note streak best so far......... 580K on through the fire and flames 91% 423 note streak.( not on hyper 5 but hyper 3) and quite whining about 3 chords........if you play coop the lead to the bret michaels song has 4 chord notes in it) and oh BTW... IMPULSE is the best song in the game hands down. just keep playing and youll get better at it........but it really isnt harder than GH2 with the new ho/po system: you can actually hit longer solo streaks with this system than the previous game. btw i have every cheat code in the game if you want more pm me: but the hyper speed code is the same as gh2 OBOYOBOY you just have to strum it in the cheats menu. and its saved you dont have to enter it ever again you can choose between no hyperspeed or levels 1-5.
  8. chase you have and will always be a prude......if you actually caught up with this movie before it came out for months it was clearly directed towards the origin of Michael as a kid and in the institute... and both Carpenter and Moustapha Akkad had his blessings with the final cut and loved the way he twisted it. I seen the original in the theater and still appreciate this rendition.... so w/e btw... rotten tomatoes isnt the best place to go to get an actual sense of the ratings of a movie... you should try Metacritic instead. (and the whole point of the movie was to make him non supernatural, god why do I even keep coming here)
  9. i saw this Tues night ( plz dont ask how) and i can say its great....... I hope everyone that goes to see this friday night enjoys t as much as did.
  10. buddha would recall everything china made and exported within the past 2 months. nor would its CEO hang himself and leave 1000's on the street because his friend gave him some lead paint. goes past that ... the dog food the food the toys, the toothpaste EVERYTHING.. everything from china is tainted EVERYTHING... if you don't watch the news you should.. cuz id rather buy from russia right now than china... and I refuse to have anything that has the word china on it besides my 48 piece set on my dining room cabinet. most of the catfish you eat in low end diners and rest are chinese farm raised and now thats being recalled for lead ( this is not oin CNN by the way,... i am a chef and have heads up for this) China sucks trying to own the world by poisoning them and sucking the gas out of everyone for themselves.. plain and simple.
  11. you should really try feeling what its like to 1 note short of an FC on any expert song especially shanking it near the end.
  12. well they are poisoning everyone in the world as it is they might as well poison the soul also.
  13. what is so funny about this whole thing is... if I were to say the things he said I would have gotten banned for 2 weeks. and you can form your own opinions all you want until the toxicology reports come back...then well see who is right or wrong.
  14. well noone is gonna say anything since owen harts strap mysteriously came undone since there was a quick release embedded in the harness and the top of the pullies.... but same time vince mcmahon has more money to do with other than make things happen..... im not gonna quote some atlanta locals but i think this is further than everyone thinks it is.
  15. Yeah man I really cant see anyone else playing 47 other than Statham.... Vin Diesel WTF? Hes designed to kill in outer space not in Europe. kinda of disappointing to me but ill still check out the trailer regardless. Probably wait for this one until DVD
  16. http://www.microsuck.com you will find tons of nice info about these whoremongers there. im just happy im finally able to frag with a mouse n keyboard without paying an extra 200+60 to do so( not including the video card and ram upgrades) they do it on purpose just like filling ur HD with worthless "security upgrades" windows just keeps getting bigger and bigger every month of crap you dont need.
  17. They had some RAD old school matches last night i missed half of the show but the second have was great tribute show.
  18. the movie was good if you were around that time for the comic entrance to them both. it was definitely better than Spiderman 3
  19. This is a travesty to all us fans... he was one of the best technical wrestlers ever..... Apparently he, his wife, wife and 7 year old son were found dead in their home in GA Sunday , he had called WWE and stated that he would not be attending the PPV due to a "family crisis" one of the many links to this can be found here: http://www.slashfilm.com/2007/06/25/chris-benoit-and-family-found-dead/ the cause of death is not being said at this time... but a guy in Internet Infidels that lives in Atlanta said that the local paper said authorities is treating the case as a Murder-Suicide until autopsy reports come back. RIP Chris well all miss you and your determination to give an outstanding performance to your fans.
  20. it is confirmed... in the few days she has left to report to LA county she has hired not ONLY a defense DUI attorney to try and overrun her sentence... ( the judge will not budge) and not only trying to get AHNOLD to pardon her.. ( her family put in tons of money for his campaign) but she has hired a personal trainer to give her KARATE lessons on self defense 4 days before incarceration.... i mean WTF ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? are you kidding me? general pop are planning her arrival and have the cake out already ... in the form of a salad .. jelly or syrup anyone? what is so funny it reminds me of that skit dave chappelle did on keeping it real goes wrong... when the chick was like I KEEPS IT REEL!!!!!!!!!!! then gets the beat down by like 3 other inmates......... karate for 3 days isnt gonna get you **** over 1 person much less a horde.... that had to been the funniest thing i saw on fox news all day... besides jerry fallwell dying (good riddance) and the whole scientology blurt by some brit reporter tat wound up getting screwed cuz there are 100K videos being marketed right now post apologies. i guess you have to have a camera crew to counteract what the opposing camera crew is gonnna do ROFL all this media bull**** is very troubling IMO i mean for god sake... it took a freak blowing away 31 ppl just to get Anna Nicole out of the spot light. and that only lasted for 3 days.......
  21. No more than Elijah Wood being a uber fast, silent, woman-eating freak with talons.
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