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  1. Is it alright if I use your female sith armor from your Trayus Rank Reform in my Ultimate Appearance Mod, as a selection for the unused Revan armor slot?

  2. PS your inbox is full :p

  3. I'm interesting in implementing content in the hangar at the end of Onderon, but there are HKs there that screw up the cutscene I've added, and I was wondering how I would go about removing them. Any help you can provide would be stellar, thanks in advance!

  4. Hey long time no see, I hope you're doing well and still kickin'

  5. haha, thanks very much! :D

  6. 90SK

    Nice avatar, Jeremy Brett's Holmes is classic!

  7. Oh well I wasn't sure but I wanted to clarify what I had said

  8. Hey I wanted to let you know I won't be writing that GIMP tutorial afterall, but I'm always available for tips and pointers if you need any questions answered. I'm still using 1.2 but I'm getting more used to 2.6, slowly.

  9. Taking my time on them, coming along smoothly and I'll send pics your way as soon as I can

  10. Willing to suggest that you continue your work on hooded robes in-game, even slow progress is better than what we're currently working with. I am willing to create textures for you should you reach a point where you feel comfortable with a working in-game model

  11. Haha that's pretty cool!

  12. Hey who's your avatars image character?

  13. PM me your e-mail address and I will provide you with a link.

  14. Your avatar makes a nice bear :D

  15. A resized gif posted by user PurpleSquid back in the hayday of the Psychonauts forums. The gif is from an old gameboy color game called "Shantae", about a guardian half-genie and her quest to stop the evil pirate Risky Boots. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shantae)

  16. 90SK

    Well, I use lots of textures from the game, kind of as templates to work from as a base, also the vanilla armor variants as bases for new armors, and then just trying to replicate the dev style in ways that haven't already been done or that add something new to the preexisting arrangement of variations. Also utilizing simple tools helps, I've taught myself how to use GIMP 1.2 quite fluidly and so the time/practice factor is big. I've been a KotOR mod hobbyist since 2005 and I'm 20 now so I was full of youthful enthusiasm when I started which does help quite a bit ;)

  17. Yes! I will sync my versions with your updates. It is a very fun model to work with reskinning. Understandable @ the hoods too, RL takes priority and frankly if I were attempting to get the hoods right I can imagine it would be a pain with clipping, sure. Good luck in your future endeavors, sir!

  18. Any news on robe updates? I was thinking about your models... if you flattened the area with the lowered hood and stuck a raised hood on the shoulders of your robes, perhaps modeled after the TOR raised hoods, I would grant you co-authorship of the mod I'm working on. I feel as though hooded robes would be wildly popular and well received and I enjoy working with your current movie robe models quite a bit. I would be more than happy to collaborate on future projects should you be interested. :D

  19. Hello Quanon,

    I have also suffered hardship from depression, it is a devastating feeling and dangerous also, I am incredibly sorry for your loss and wish you the very best in your time at the hospital and offer you this: You may hope for a spirited recovery and you can always remember that the suffering of the world is to be shared as a burden sometimes simply of those who have the shoulders to feel it as it is, perhaps unjustly or without due cause or in the case of depression or loss, and to never forget that even at your darkest sadness only shows the bigness of your heart and your feelings. May you be well soon, and please be safe.

  20. Hello again, I have a question about your models.

    When I read and write in mdlops and attempt to import into nwmax, I get this message at 99%



    I need this phase for making inventory icons, could you either send me an imported gmax file with the male model, or perhaps help me import it? cyanelectric@gmail.com thanks!!

  21. So far the bloating textures have occured with both versions, I'm guessing it has something to do with the animations which work fine as his normal size without modded textures in Override, so I don't know what's happening to it and hopefully I can solve that puzzle soon. Targus gave me the go-ahead for using it though so it will definitely appear with the mod once I'm done.


    Also, I've started extracting droid textures with KotOR Tool, so that'll be next on my list since my update mod is coming together nicely! zbyl2 seemed happy to have me so I'm looking forward to receiving further instructions on what to focus with. :D

  22. Fabulous! many thanks, your work will be put to good use.

  23. Hello sir, I am a fan of your jedi robe editations as posted on KotORfiles and would like to request permission to use the model and robe texture base for my own modification purposes. All credit would be given in readmes, naturally, and I am understanding if certain desires prevent usage from being granted. Thank you very much for your consideration. :)

  24. It actually isn't, according to their compatibility notes. Sorry about the error. I am currently making a newer version of that mod that, while featuring less content, should be much more slick and compatible with everything possible, as the focus of the update.

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