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  1. i think you can lock this becouse thay already have a topic aboud this
  2. Post here your clan info here people ho are looking for a clan can compare clans thay want to join please keep it ontopic and use the table below to explain your clan Clan Name: Site: Forum: Leader: Co Leaders: Clan Email: Story aboud your clan: Example. Clan Name: -]RedCell[- Site: http://Http://www.redcellgaming.com Forum: *on the site* Leader: Nokill Co Leaders: Hunter, Chaos, Sparky, Vile, plazma, splinter etc etc... Clan Email: redcellclan@gmail.com Story aboud your clan: RedCell is a former DarkForces clan that started out in late 1995. after jk2 came we started to go over to that game and we have played that for a long time and we also moved on to jka then after a year of that we expendet to battlefront 2, Call of Duty 2 and republic commando and now we will also expand to Empire at War well we already have a few members telling thay whan't to join the team and we hope to get some more Nokill,
  3. well im hearing rumors aboud some lucas arts guy talking to a member of the clan aboud the bugs and evrything dunno mutch aboud it but it would be realy nice if thay should get the bugs out or at least some and yes its to bad its not posible to take one weapon out of a server
  4. erm you should realy stop the PM thing i got anothere 2 now... don't you people know im already in a clan?
  5. well there are lots of plans on getting it out of the game... and i think more ppl have killed themselfs then someone else with it
  6. one last thing hope it isn't realy offtopic and all but if even i get a PM erm... its kinda irritatin well good luck with your clan and all getting members ill focus on getting the best ones and not all ....
  7. the edit button can be found below your post it says Edit thank you...
  8. this person has been banned from the forums if you haven't noticed yet
  9. please don't bump all the time use the edit button
  10. RedCell is also recruiting please post your application on the forum http://www.redcellgaming.com
  11. Quote removed ~ET you do know this is realy rude and you best stop posting this evrywhere it should not be this is a topic aboud the [HK] please keep it like that 2
  12. indeed and don't tell lie's please... no for real it made me giggel
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