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  1. My new used car needs a new transmission. One of my good friends got into a horrible car accident in the rain. She had multiple orthopedic problems - broken toes, a broken ankle, a dislocated hip, etc, etc. Just got home after 2 weeks in the hospital, where I've been visiting her. My girlfriend and I started fighting. We've been dating for over 19 months, so I figured it was no big deal, a normal fight. But she recently moved ~3.5 hours away (with me to follow in about 7 months; we already had visits planned) and so it was a bit more stressful than we both anticipated. My aunt and uncle are separating and may be getting a divorce, causing a pretty large familial struggle. When I thought it couldn't get worse, my girlfriend decided that she "wasn't sure she could do this long distance thing." Now she wants us still to be best friends. I still love her. And my moving plans were mostly unrelated to her, so I'll still be moving to pretty much the same street where she lives in about 7 or so months. I have to work today. Good two weeks _EW_
  2. Actually, my rig is on hold a bit for now. I had some larger expenses in the last week, and more to come, so I'm probably going to wait another week or so before I order the rest. Out of money FTL. _EW_
  3. Oh, I care very much. Your blue 70 is illegal, and that is probably a good thing for HS swimming. But on the other hand, you have to think about it - how many years will it be until someone breaks these world records now? I mean, we'll see pretty much every time slow up. But I still think banning the b70 and the lzr is probably a good call. I don't agree with limiting the length, though. _EW_
  4. So you'd be alright with it if I paid for "In God We Trust" on a government building? _EW_
  5. Damn straight - I still have (and sometimes play) my original one from Christmas 1996. _EW_
  6. Next Question: Ram - is 1333 RAM going to hurt me? Because I heard from one of my friends that there isn't too big of a performance issue between 1333 and 1600 RAM, and it seems that the motherboard I bought supports only " Memory Standard DDR3 2000 (O.C) / 1866 (O.C) / 1333 " Ram. _EW_
  7. I just saw Coldplay in concert a few months ago - we were in the mosh pit (not that we were moshing to Coldplay though) right in front of the stage. And they were good. _EW_
  8. A bit tired, a bit busy.


    Same old, same old.





  9. That sounds about right. I'll be honest: I kind of liked it while I was playing it, but I never got to the end. So it obviously didn't capture my interest too much, since I'm about 15-20 minutes before the end boss and just haven't gotten around to finishing it. And I'm not even busy right now, I just got bored with it. _EW_
  10. Congrats on your promotion!



  11. Just the time of year I guess - Jan/Feb are just slow, dark, angry months _EW_
  12. ! I know that swimming is a good stress reliever for me personally. I usually get pretty down around my birthday (Feb 29) - and I find that exercise and nature usually are two things that help with it. _EW_
  13. Agreed. **** me - skype is great. It's what I use to talk to my friends long distance, it's how I video chat with my girlfriend when she's away () and it's how I can talk to lf-ers who may not be currently on the forums. I would be very angry if all of that were to be taken away from me. _EW_
  14. I'd rather save the cash - I want to build ASAP (just in case I got any DOA parts over the last month and need to RMA). If I buy the cheaper PSU I'll be able to buy the rest of the parts around the 15th. I'd like to build it before September. I do prefer modularity, but I'd be willing to give it up. I won't forget, Astro The only reason that I'm not currently running F@H is because my 256 MB AGP video card locks up after folding for a while. My PC doesn't stay too cool, either. _EW_
  15. I absolutely agree. Someone told me that they accepted applications for staff positions at the Fracture forums - but I never saw an announcement or anything on it. I like the staff here (although it seems that Pastrami does not) but I have to wonder - Why doesn't somebody know about the help we need? _EW_
  16. What relay? 200 Free? 400 Free? 200 Medley? 400 Medley? What was the time? Congrats; I remember how cool it was when I broke swimming records. _EW_
  17. I was looking at this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139007 It's a lot of juice, but it's only like $25 more than a comparable 850w unit from Corsair because this one is such a deal. I figure I might as well get something that will be able to handle whatever I throw at it. And the review of it at that site you linked says it's a good choice. I'll probably buy it next weekend once I have the cash. _EW_
  18. Alright, Q. A PSU is next - what do you recommend? Brands, size, power, etc? Thanks in advance _EW_
  19. So.... my girlfriend just found out that her best friend (since kindergarten, so we're talking about 80% of her life they've been friends) stabbed her in the back, and then lied to her face about it. Repeatedly. For a month. Until we had proof. My girlfriend's best friend also happens to be one of my best female friends. The worst part? It seems my girlfriend has forgiven her (who knows why, she doesn't deserve it) and I haven't. So I'm trying to decide between sending the best friend a nasty email, or just doing what I did tonight - leave when I know she's on her way over. I'm probably going to go with the nasty note - I mean, it was me that had to hold my girlfriend while she cried about this. I feel that I'm entitled to at least make a scene. Thoughts? _EW_
  20. That sucks, man. I know I would go out there anyway and make a bit of a scene. I feel really sorry for you. Hopefully the same thing doesn't happen to me in the next 12 months, because I'm going to be in the same situation for about a year _EW_
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