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  1. The red control room comes later. Just walk in the general direction of the platform, and eventually you'll find an elevator tucked away behind a corner. Walk on to it and enjoy the (short) ride up.
  2. How did that happen? I thought self-destruct explosions didn't affect friendly units?
  3. Sorry to burst your bubble, but Triple Zero takes place one year after Geonosis, while the last battle in the Republic Commando game takes place 3 years after Geonosis. So, Sev is still Missing In Action. I guess we'll have to wait for the third RC novel (scheduled for this August) to discover his fate.
  4. Just so everyone is aware, in stock FoC the AI has fog of war turned off, and can apparently spawn units after you retreat from a battle, even on medium difficulty. I know that there is a way to turn fog of war off, but I'm not sure if the spawning units can be removed.
  5. I would say if there was a Republic Commando sequel, we need some of the characters from the novels (Kal Skirata, Walon Vau, General Etain Tur-Mukan, and General Bardan Jusik) to appear. Either that or we could play as Omega Squad. (Another squad, from the same novels)
  6. I've read both of them, and I think they would be great on the silver screen.
  7. As for that Kal Skirata quote, remember that he didn't train the Deltas. Walon Vau trained the Deltas, and according to Triple Zero Skirata and Vau didn't get along very well.
  8. I think Scorch was originally meant to say something like: "Easier than a drunk Twi'lek." However, it was cut from the game. The text files for the subtitles are still there, I think. I guess ole' Walon Vau was teaching the Deltas more than just military tactics.
  9. I dunno, I've always imagined her with a Brit accent. On another note, who else here thinks Kal Skirata is a little like R. Lee Ermey?
  10. For that part, I usually tell the lads to occupy those sniping positions after they save the ammo crates, and try to set a charge on the SBD dispenser. I find that the Elite bugs show up a few seconds after you start setting the charge on the dispenser. When they do, I disengage, find cover, and try to snipe the Elites before they make mincemeat of Delta Squad. Hmm, here's some food for thought. Has anyone considered that maybe, just maybe, someone high in the chain of command was trying to get rid of Delta Squad? coughPalpatinecough
  11. I was thinking they might introduce some of the characters from the Republic Commando novels, particularly Kal Skirata, Walon Vau, and Etain Tur-Mukan. Oh, btw, call me crazy, but I think Keira Knightley is perfect for playing the role of Etain (voice acting, or maybe even a Republic Commando movie). Yes, I no longer have control of my mental faculties.
  12. How about an appearance by Kal Skirata, Walon Vau, and a few Null ARCs to make things even more interesting. (In case you're wondering, these characters are from the novel Hard Contact: Triple Zero)
  13. Son, one thing you never, EVER do is compare the elite clone commandos of the GAR to those children playing "Army" whom you call SWAT.
  14. But if you made the fighters bigger to match the icon, the starships would also have to be bigger, which would mean that in turn, the maps would also have to be (much) bigger as well. In the default version of EaW, the fighters are already too big anyway.
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