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  1. I don't have any problem with big jumps... OK Anyway I'll find coding help and I'll do this change on my own...
  2. In my opinion, in JA mod there must be some nessesary properties... (Part I: Force Usage) Current force usage makes the gameplay 'best jumper wins' in lightsaber combat. It causes a view far from the movies. Every bodies jumping in the air and running everywhere. Just like olympic games, many athletics with sabers:) To solve this problem a force focus time will be added. Ex: Player will press the button until force jump level bar is full, the later relases the button the higher he jumps(level 3 if avaliable). If he relases the button in a short period he uses level 1 force jump and if he releases the button after a long time he uses level 3 force jump. 'Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight' and 'Mysteries Of The Sith' expansion pack uses this sistem and I think these games have better gaming experience for players! Well... But I need help:( How can I edit force powers or where can I start?
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