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  1. The creature behind Bac started talking in a weird language he didn't know. Bac raised his hands slowly, and then moved his right leg behind one of the creature's legs. Bac got up quickly and tripped the alien, turned around and shot him. When he did, more aliens got their guns and started firing. Bac leaped behind the bar, and started firing back. One bullet grazed my shoulder and I ducked under the bar. There were too many of them. I got back up and kept firing, hoping to find a way out soon.
  2. Bac finally found a small town east of his past location called Inn Fetro. He walked into the local bar there and sat down. The creatures inside stared at him awkwardly as he sat down. Bac noticed, but kept his mouth shut. He ordered the bartender to give him a drink when one of the creatures walked over to him and put a gun to his back.
  3. Bac looked around and realized he had never been here. If he did, he'd know where to go. So, he got up and started walking around, hoping to find somebody or some sort of civilization to get off this planet.
  4. Name: Bac Rueben Age: 25 Class: Imperial Lieutennant Weapons: Blaster rifle, thermal detonators, time bombs, blaster pistol Ship: Imperial Lambda-class shuttle Bio: Starting off as a mercenary, the imperials recognized his skills and persuaded him to join them. Starting off as a private, Bac advance quickly through the ranks and is currently a Lieutennant. He is aboard the star destroyer, determined to protect it.
  5. Name: Bac Rueben Age: around 25 Faction: Any he wishes to be Class: Varies, usually a commander Common weapons: Blaster rifle, thermal detonators, time bombs, commando pistol Bio: Usually caught up in some war, Bac Rueben joins them and quickly goes up in rank because of his tactical brilliance on the field and powerful commanding roles. A Few Current RPGs: Niaj Qad Keep, Origin of the Sith, Mygeeto
  6. (Sorry I havn't posted in forever, I'll catch me up) Bac continued carrying the two, Romul and the imperial, until they reached the hangar. The two other soldiers grabbed a guy each and put them in their ships. The ship lurched back and forth and Bac ordered them to go. They all entered their fighters and the other two ships made it out. Bac's ship couldn't start before the ship started going down and Bac went with it. Down on the planet, Bac got up slowly. He had been saved by the fighter's shield's that had accidentaly went off. Bac got out, slightly bruised and surveyed the area. He heard a fight somewhere nearby, but he couldn't tell where from. Bac walked out of the ship and sat down to rest.
  7. Bac went to find Romul and found him still in bad condition. The prisoner was still alive, but made no move to attack. Since Romul needed to be taken care of, he picked them both up and went down the hall.
  8. The droid control ship? That's a new one.
  9. Bac ordered Romul to guard the prisoner and walked through the door to the right. He had guessed right. This was the Engine Cooling Room. He pulled out his rifle and shot the security turrent, then started placing a time bomb on the cooling tank. Once he set the timer on all 5 of them, he ran out of the room. Behind him, the cooling tanks exploded, which on the outside caused the engines to fail. The ship swerved forward and Bac barley was able to grab onto a pole.
  10. While the jedi were busy, Bac Rueben and Romul rolled past the battle. They walked inside the door to find a few Civic pilots manning the turrent controls. They slowly pulled out their pistols to not diturb the pilots and fired upon the pilots. Two fell, but 3 more got up and fired. Bac rolled to the right behind some boxes and fired on the one closest to him. He was hit in the head and died instantly. The one next to him fired at Bac, but he ducked and was missed. Romul, meanwhile, didn't have such luck. He strafed and fired at the same time, but the pilot hit Romul in the shoulder. Romul fell, injured, but fired on the pilot. The pilot was shot in the chest and killed instantly. Bac finally popped up to see that the last pilot pointed his pistol at Romul. Bac aimed and fired, hitting the pilot in the leg and dropping him. Bac rushed towards him and knocked the gun out of his hand, pointing his pistol at him.
  11. Bac Rueben, Romul, and the two other fighters landed in the enemy hangar and jumped out. Bac looked around and saw dead bodies all over. It seemed they were killed by a lightsaber. Bac and Romul walked forward, commanding the other two to guard the ships. They opened the door and saw a sith get pushed into an elevator followed by a jedi with a purple blade. They also saw another jedi with an arm cannon. They crawled through and hid behind a corner and watched the fight that ensued in front of them.
  12. There was many ships that tried to stop the box from heading towards the capital ship, but the 86th battalion was a determined, persistant, and powerful battalion, even in the air. They seemed to know just where their comrades were and moved into postions that would help them out. Bac mainly stayed out of the fighting. His objective was to stay alive and destroy the capital ship. Every now and then he'd help out, but only if the battalion was in desperate need of his assistance. The battalion still probably wouldn't have made it had it not been for the stray fighters that were picked up to help them. The last defense was a considerable group of fighters that launched out of the capital ships hangar. Not only that; though, but the turrents on the main ship was killing us out there. Eventually, Romul and his top two fighters told me to go on and they would follow to give a distraction. The rest of the fighters would fight the ships to keep Romul, Bac, and the two other fighters protected. They finally swirved out of the fighting and made it inside the capital ship.
  13. "Squad 5, cover me as I head towards the capital ship," Bac commanded. "Roger," replied the squad leader, Romul. Romul was an original 16th battalion soldier(The battalion that Bac started commanding when under the Empire) and had always been there for Bac. He was also the best pilot the 86th battalion had. Bac slowed down to let Squad 5 surround him in a box formation and they headed towards the capital ship.
  14. The 86th battalion soon met the other fighters and began to fight them. Bac knew he couldn't stay for long because he wasn't a good pilot. The whole scirmish was for Bac to get inside the capital ship and use sabotage to destroy the fleet. He pushed his YAI-80's thrusters to full power and sped towards the capital ship.
  15. codj


    The clones finally started to give way a little and the CIS, led by C55-3 charged head on to take the advantage while it was still there. The clones tried to counter-attack, but the CIS moved quickly in a wedge formation and broke through the clone lines. C55-3 was the tip and clotheslined two clones. Then he fired up his dual wrist blasters and shot all around.
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