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  1. ((This will take place during epidsode 3 so for the 2 people at these forums who havent seen it there will be spoilers. I'll create a squad that needs three more guys, each with their specialized skills. You could join my Gamma squad or be the Republic Commando squad in the game, Republic Commando. If your Delta squad from the game I'm hoping you played it and you should keep their characters fairly accurate.)) Name: ZX-13 aka Xavier Specialization: Squad leader Weapons: DC-17, thermal detonators Armor Color:white with a green X on his chest Bio: Relic is part of Gamma squad, which reveived some personal training from Jango Fett, like the ARCs. He was also part of one of the first squads of republic commandos and has seen lots of action. Xavier and Gamma squad were descending onto the battlefield in Kashyyk. Their gunship descended into an isolated clearing in a rocky outcropping above the beach. Master Yoda had just arrived and on his way down Xavier reveived some late breifing that the Chancellor has been rescued. Their mission was a resuce operation, save Delta squad. Delta was responsible for the reconnaissance for the Republic invasion of Kashyyk. Xavier held out his electrobinocs as he leaned against some rocks and looked out as the seperatists stormed the beach. According to breifing Delta squad was being held in a seperatist camp to the east, on the other side of the battlefield....
  2. Relic stormed down the hill blasting at battle droids straight ahead of him. He found some cover in behind a rock on the beach and pulled out his comlink. "We need re-enforcements at this location,"He punched in some coordinates in the comlink," If there any troopers available in orbit send them down." Just then some destoyer droids rolled up beside him. ((You can send him to this battle if you want))
  3. ((I thought I remember readed in the MAIN rules somewhere that you couldn't control the main characters of Star Wars for any rpg))
  4. ((no the main rules say we can't I guess my title might be a littel to broad))
  5. ((This will play thru episode 3)) Clone Wars Three years into the war the fight between the Separtists and the Republic reaches climax. A large Repuplic force that was headed in hyperspace along the Perlemian trade route has accidently stumbled upon some sort of seperatist invasion force who were just coming thru the Hydrian way on their way to Coruscant. The Republic force had no choice to force the seperatists to land at the nearest planet, Alderaan. Name: Relic Side: Republic Class: ARC trooper Appearance: Yellow and Black New Clone Outfit Weapons: DC-15 Blaster rifle and thermal detonaters Age:29 Background: Relic was one of the first ARC troopers commisioned and was recently gicen his name because he is old for a clone and has seen many battles. Relic landed hard on the a grassy surface of Alderaan. His gunship carreened into a nearby outcropping of rocks. The three tripod fighters that shot it down flew over and started shooting at some republic V-Wings. He was slightly uncomfortable in his new clone armor but managed to head up a large hill to witness a Trade Federation Core Ship crash into a large lake. The shock almost sent him to the ground. He pondered how the Seperatists could have made this far into the core, his thinking was cut off by blaster fire downslope. ((10 DAYS TILL EP 3))
  6. Well of course but I mean after we watch it. I wouldnt miss episode 3 for anything in the world.
  7. Right now I think is the best time to make a clone wars rpg. I mean its not very often that a star wars movie is released. As online star wars rpgers we must take advantage of this opportunity. We could have it set in near-climax of the clone wars and when May 19th rolls around the events of that movie could actually take place in real time in this thread on that day. Ok Mandalorian54 had a good concept going with his alternate star wars threads that use skills and things like that. I was thinking of having a group of jedi's sent on some sort of mission and I could be some sort of dungeon master. I would send in enemies and create situations and with your skills you have you get by them. Alright so I would like some input and ideas because this could turn out to be a real fun thread.
  8. History: About 4400 years before the battle of Yavin a jedi knight called Freedon Nadd ventured to the jungle moon of Yavin 4. He uncovered the ancient Sith Lord Naga Sadow with the help of the Massassi. Naga Sadow put himself in suspended animation there centuries before when he was defeated in the Great Hyperspace War. Naga Sadow taught Freedon Nadd his ways and Nadd went to the world of Onderdon, in the outer rim, to make himself king with his new dark powers. On Onderon vicious beasts of various types crossed over from the moon Dxun. The people of Onderons only protection was there walled city of Iziz. Freedon Nadd would exile the criminals to the dangerous jungles outside the safe city. These criminals eventually joined together and tamed the beasts from Dxun. For over 400 years these beast riders fought the people of Iziz. Notes: Alright so you can either be a beast rider in the jungle or a citizen of Iziz. Either side doesn't neccesarily have to be good or evil, that is up to you. But the people of Iziz have better technology than the Beast Riders. Who would have had to gone to more primitive weapons. So basically if you are a beast rider you can have the odd blaster but mostly sticks and swords and things like that. If you are on the side of Iziz would have better tech. like armor and fancy weapons and vehicles but you cant ride beasts cuz they would attack you. Also this is before the jedi arrive there, whom I am reffering to is Ulic Qel-Droma and co. So that means no jedi, at least for now. As for the beasts I know there were flying ones that could fit one rider. There are other ones like from Kotor 2(which is several decades after this thread). Go ahead and post your character and any input on anything would be nice as well. I will post my character after a few people post theres. Just be sure to put your faction in, either Beast Rider or Iziz citizen.
  9. Current Form-Neimodian "I say we attack the republic now," Bok said to Darth Chaos as they arrived at the new factory in the underlevels of Coruscant. "The jedi surley know of our exsistence, we must mass an army and attack, we need a base of operations we can maintain, a strategic location, Coruscant is much to strong, but we must act soon or we will be revealed to the senate."
  10. Current Form-Neimodian Bok hurried and zoomed over to the nearby hanger. Which was and open stadium like building dug halfway into the ground. He ran in and saw Darth Chaos and headed towards him.
  11. Bok nodded and already had the place prerigged for such and occasion. He went out a back door and headed outside into an awaiting landspeeder. "We will leave all the droids in the building, destroy the evidence,"He said to Darth Chaos. He pressed the button which set off explosives in the top of the tower which would bring the building down upon itself. There was a large explosion immidietly with a fireball pluming upwards. "The jedi surley will not survive this."
  12. Ok so is the trade federation trying to keep this a secret or not. Because if it was me I would want to keep it secret. Because the republic wouldn't stand around for long if they knew about them.
  13. current form-neimodian Bok noticed all these jedi enter his arena. He looked over and saw a man letting people in if they paid. "What! this was not to be a public match. Darth Ch..." He was about to tell Darth Chaos to eliminate the man selling tickets. He ordered some battle droids to take him out before he sells anymore. He also ordered droid snipers to surround the arena. "The jedi must not be let to survive this, the republic must not be notified of our actions."
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