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  1. Also, Xfire has started to support JKDF2 now, but so far it only records game time played. In the future it will likely support JKDF2 more as well.
  2. I have a small tutorial Here on my site that explains what ports have to be open in your firewall for JK so you can host and join games without having to turn off your firewall.
  3. SBX 3.1, in my honest opinion (IMHO) tries way too hard to imitate the movies as well as JO/JA and falls flat on it's face doing so - When it takes 5-6 shield hits to kill someone in a regular saber or staff duel, that's way too long and just drags it all out. At least with regular JK sabers the killing and action was much more faster paced to say the least. - Glowsabers. I'm probably one of the few who never did like glowsabers much, and ever since that was released, everyone and their dog copied it anyway. It's worse when rookies to the game don't even know how to turn off the lightsaber trails from those glowsabs and then cause a crapload of lag. - Force Push. Abused all too often when you can send someone flying a good distance so that a person can't get back up that easily. - The MSN Gaming Zone thing. You don't see many people playing SBX on the zone. A lot of people dont, especially those like me who have been playing 5 or more years now, the mod is often considered "for newbs" on the zone.
  4. Also, releasing my large JK MOD (SM MOD v1.1) RIGHT HERE! also helps to revive the community and gets others playing again, whether it's with clan members or even friends or random players on the zone.
  5. Out of some sense of curiosity, does anyone still mod for JK nowaday's to keep the community as it is alive? Or did most everyone give up? Massassi doesn't have many mods anymore of anything, even JO or JA. I suppose I am probably one of the few people left still modding for JK eh? At any rate, I recently released Sith Mercenaries Mod v1.1 on my own site . It's a large JK mod at 13 megs download, but there's a lot to do and have fun in with the mod. All the changes and addons are detailed in that clickable link above. SM_Sloan
  6. The only tournaments I know of now are through Battlestats (BSC) and lately a every sunday tournament hosted by JPG_MX and advertised on the Zone.
  7. Besides, setting up a silly little Proboards forum isn't going to help revive the community. Actually playing JK again on the Zone and with friends is what helps.
  8. Yeah there was a patch for JK but all it fixed was joystick issues and a problem with some video cards using Voodoo2 chipset.
  9. I looked back on my old JK CD-R too and I couldn't find that mod.
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