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  1. the only way to get in there,is to cheat,as i was furious when i couldnt open it soooo...i went to the good ol ~ button...and haxed my security to da max...nothing special in it.I prefer to open that other door...and everyone is like NOOOOO STOP HIM/HER!!!! SECURITY@!! *3 minutes later,twi'lek body falls to the ground* .....oops?
  2. well...not all JA was whack...choosing your flashlight was cool! ...and i believe the game will depend on how you ended the last kotor...Sith at large,or EEEE BOUNTIES ON MY HEAD sith?bleh.all i have to say.bleh. JA writers believed that everything had a light side and dark side aka Yin and Yang...Tavion was just sucking the Yang(?) to bring out the big bad redhaw- err...i forgot his name. but hey ppl like it for its MP...i agree with redhawke about the SP...totally suxz0rz.After i beat it once,*Wanna go again...?....ARE YOU #@#$IN NUTS?!ONWARD TO MP!!!* I think...judging for from i know (havent been on here for a while so fill in dar blanks for me.) You were like a jedi and came to Revvy's cause and kicked some mandy @$$.Ok!(I would like to find out what they did during the "No COmmunication to the Academy time AKA How they found the forge")SoOoOo with that in mind...you didnt follow Revvy's cause right then! So he kicked you off his ship into the galaxy to b eating by space rakatans! mm..what else...Or! you decided to leave unnoticed so you go to an escape pod and launch it to some unknown planet (one of the blanks) and BAM! YOUR STORY BEGINS THERE! is it whack or what?
  3. i just hope we dont go into the same tombs again...then go into the tomb where you fought those 2 sith masters and still see there bodies there...actually i would like to see that...
  4. weeeeeee more the korriban...no really... WEEEEEEEE!!! :p
  5. Wookie Sounds.... *sticks his tongue out* Plllllllllltttttttt!!!! And . . . beep-boop-weep! or whatever t3 says . . :mad:
  6. yes...and i shall crush him if he stands in my way to become Dark Lord of Da Sith!
  7. W00t... now i can look forward to taking your title away from you Red...and making it mine!! :evil:
  8. NOOOOOOOO .... But I must!! No you shall not!! You cant control him! Oh Yes I can! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *LS Kome566 takes shape as Yoda and DS Kome566 takes shape as Dooku* *In the end..... DS wins.....* *Stabs the LS counterpart of Achilles* :D
  9. ya this sucks! screw bill gates! although i have one of his computers .. . . still... screw him!
  10. Err . . . only once :D and that filthy sith that tried to jack it..... :D
  11. Diablo II can go to you know where....it gets boring after you beat it 50+ times...which most people do considering you can have multiple characters and accounts....which blizzard (makers) doesnt really care...as long as you dont hax...but thats my opinion sooo.... most FPS r crappy but Ive found some i like.... UT2k3(Plan on getting 2k4)..sry to say JKA(Found my passion with the dual sabers :eek: )....and CS (Bang bang defuse! No Explode! :D ) it all comes down to tastes....and ur connection... and your pc . . . :D
  12. The point is...the Jedi Council USED us....whether u go psycho on them or not is your choice...they didnt have any other leads...the point of the capturing of Revan was to find where the location of the Star Forge was...but Crappy Malak decided to kill you! But he didnt! Because hes a weak mouthless fool! .... Ive gone to far.... end of discussion for me . .. :mad:
  13. Da Gizka!! and the little Sith Academy...felt like I was in my first stage of Great Power to come....screw those little Sith Wanna-Bes...I AM THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!! errrr.....
  14. Either you didnt download it all the way or your connection blew off when it was dling to get the Dark Sword, [Ajunta Pall] Too Long...Have I been in darkness....too long.... Whats this . . . i feel like I've reconized you before....as if we have..met in the past..... You should have never came here!!!! *Kills you with his almighty Dark Sword while stop chopping away at your uncapable fighting companions* [/Ajunta Pall]
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