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  1. i was gonna make a Samurai Ninja Pirate clan LOL
  2. yea there will a few jedi helping out but its a special thing if your conquer a certain planet so they probably wont appear real often. You can shoot em and make em run away though
  3. Its a thing on ps2 that stops you from using gameshark and such. So if you would happen to be using one when u tried to log online DNAS would detect it and prevent you from logging in. If they dont have DNAS im sure they will have somthing very similar or i might not even get the game because it would be cheating galore. I dont think we have to worry about it
  4. Ive played the ps2 demo quite a few times now and i cant help but realize how incredidbly easy it is to destroy all computer characters in your path. I put it on hard but its still real easy. The biggest problem is that they dont guard things well .... this will change when humans come into play though. Does anybody else think they need to beef up the AI?
  5. your sick your all sick ....... long live the ewoks
  6. we got em in playstaion magazine. i got mine today and the computer players arnt very good, they arent too smart and dont guard thing well so capturing points is pretty easy. This will change online because the computer players can be the "fodder" while the humans do all the work.
  7. it is very similar to socom just a tad slower
  8. yea me and some friends from RR (Rough Ryderzz) are coming to battlefront. If you frequent foxhunt rooms in socom2 then you have probably seen us.
  9. WOOT i got my demo today !!!!! i was sad when i looked in the mail box and it was empty then i go inside and see it laying on the counter and i was like WOOHOO. The computer players really suck bad or maybe im just really good
  10. oh im sorry vader i meant OPM .... i just got off of work and im tired so yea
  11. im sure they dont just walk in a straight line ..... the games are probably long enough that it would end up walking into a wall, so im sure you'll be able to turn lol
  12. or ....... EWOKS VS GUNGANS i would be an ewok and hit gungans in the face with my spear
  13. yea i should be gettin my PSM with the demo in it any day now .... everyday after school i get to the mail box as soon as i can to check it, my neighbors think im wierd when im runnin down the road to get to my mail box
  14. do u get the action figure as soon as you reserve it or do u get it when the game comes out? cause i reserved it at gamestop on saturday and i didnt get an action figure
  15. I definatley dont want to see enemies on radar. its a no from me. if they do decide to put enemies on radar lets hope they allow you to turn it off.
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