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  1. I had this game since the first week of release and quit playing it around mid-October. Since then, it has been patched, so I decided to give it another try. But now, whenever I try to log onto a server I get a message saying my CD key is unauthorized to play this game. Is there a way I can check and see if I typed the CD-key in right without having to reinstall the game? I would like to state that I did buy this game, and did not share the CD-key with anyone.
  2. I don't know if anyone knows this, but you can fly though one of the buildings on cloud city. I believe it is the middle one which is the one without a second floor. I did it a couple times today and got a few imp while doing it and when I came out the other end there were more imperials outside of the other building for me to kill. I wonder if you can fly though the halls? I'll guess i'll try it tomorrow morning. *New* After trying it on single players for awhile, I had trouble recreating this. It is like that big gas storage chamber was no't there when I did this before. I can still do it but I barely get out alive. Weird, because I was doing it at a decent speed online no problem. You can still do it from the side but it is not as effective.
  3. I'm getting pretty good with speeder. When I have a gunner I take AT-AT down no problem. What I have problems with is the AT-ST. I shoot at them with the cannons but they are almost as invurnable as the AT AT. I aim for the back of their heads and always throttle down to get in as many shots as possible. Should I be aiming else where? . Had a good fight with an AT-ST today at its spawn though. I did I strafing run on it when I first saw it and when I turned the speeder around, it was turned around shooting at me, so I did another run. This proceded for several minutes before he got tired of it.
  4. This bothers me heavily along with the way it spawns you in the open. When players learn the spawn points this game is going to have some serious spawn camping.
  5. And he will likely see a nerf. Most Republic/Droid games that I have played ends in a few minutes in the Republic favor. I like to play all classes but even I have trouble choosing something other than the jet pack trooper because of his ability to capture command post.
  6. The only time I saw an effective use for him was on Bespin, mining facility upper floors. That grenade launcher are effective in those halls.
  7. I have the same problem too. I will eventually get on a server, but at the end of the round the server will either kick people or crash. This combined with some levels being over in minutes is making this unplayable. So far I have spent more time trying to join a game than actually playing it.
  8. Whenever I try to join a server, I get a message like error server is full, even though the server is not full. I even try servers that have 8/32 people and still can't join. After about 10 minutes of trying I can get a server, but this is very frustrating!
  9. I meant to address that myself Skywalker. Good covering.
  10. 1) How do you tell if someone is in a storm trooper uniform or not. Does the lack of gun give it away or does it come with a pretend gun. 2) How does the uniform work? Is it one-shot? If it is multiple shot, can you cycle between uniform and gun in a matter of spilt seconds? 3) How does the Rebel Smuggler play? For what reasons would someone play him? 4) How does the Anti-Armor troops play? Such as damage vs. vehicles. Damage vs. infantry? Is it easy to hit infantry with? 5) Tell us about some of your interaction with the ewoks. 6) Is there still a armor/speed factor in the game? Ex. Empire gets armor and the Rebels move faster. I hope so because the rebels are always outrunning stormtroopers and leading them into traps.
  11. Once again, this is not an issue of balance. If I were to make a discussion on balance it would deal with the jet pack trooper who seems much more better with a real jet-pack and a rocket. This is instead about the plausibility of these battles. Many of you bring up good points about the Darktroopers weren't the only ones not on Endor. True enough, but we are NOT looking for "100%" validity, we just want the battles to be semi-real and nothing that would make us think other wise. There are two factors that the Darktrooper has going against him. 1) Balance - This is one that others have going for them such as the Rebel Vangaurd. The Darktrooper on the other hand contributes nothing to balance. He seems like the Covert Op in ET. The lone wolf, except for an ocassional door and smoke screen, the team could have done without. The Dark Trooper has no "job" which makes him expendable. 2) Believability - This is the big one. It just is not believable that they are their. If the jump-pack was exchanged with the weapons I mentioned in the first post, then it would be believable to me because I could pretend enough that he was just a beefed up storm trooper. I mentioned before that the Dark-troopers jump abilty will allow them to set up flanks and surprise the rebels/ewoks. This goes against the way the battle went down because for the most part the rebels were the ones surprising. Nothing would steam me off more than to be in an isolated part of the battle peering around trees to the battle ahead then suddenly die to in one shot to the head by a shotgun, and while in death cam I see him jump away in the air. If a storm trooper did it, I would give him props. The only other class that would qualify under these stipulations is the Rebel Smuggler, but he doesn't the way the game is played like the Darktrooper does who goes against the people on the ground with guns theory. The Smuggler is violation 1 while the Dark Trooper would be a violation 4. I think the key for me is that, it is not just the fact that he does not belong there, it is what he can do that really makes him not belong there. The Darktrooper really seems out of place for me.
  12. It is said that you will be able to play this game in first or third person view, but I have yet to see a screenshot in first person. Could they be tailoring the game to the third person view.
  13. Regardless, if there is a class that is good against infantry and good against vehicles then you can sign me up. I remember reading that it is going to be like bf1942 rock paper scissors class system and having a class good against both would be completly against the system. It should be similar to the L.A.W. in BFV, you can take infantry out with it, but most of the time it isn't practical.
  14. I doubt there will be a second title. There won't be enough to market however there will probaly be an expansion pack or two which will likely include more of episode III and EU.
  15. I don't get your argument. The first point you are trying to get across is that people complain about panzers in ET which has no connection to the original topic which is about Darktroopers ruining the feel of the classic battles. Your second point is valid to a certain extent. I already mentioned why anti-armor troops are a necessary evil. The pilot is needed to build/destroy things and give out medicine. The marksman is debatable but at least the the pilot, marksman, or anti-armor trooper do no jump 30ft into the air ruining the battle's atmosphere. We know how these battles went down, and in these battles a bunny-hooping imperial did not exist. If they did exist it would have been almost impossible for the Rebals to cover their flanks. The Ewoks who were making traps would have gotten mowed down by Darktroopers Anyway, TK-8252 and yaebginn said it best. jasperw, not to mention that if the rocket is good against infantry then there will be little reason to be the assault class.
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