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  1. Yeah I known, I'm using unpure but, have the same result, download zero.. About this new xmod option, sounds pretty good, it shall resolve my problem, but the xmod is projected to run in a dedicated server, and I not use dedicated, just a personal server, where I am the server and the player, and use some .cfg's files, when I change to another config, xmod go off
  2. Trying to understand why Allow Downloads not work. I open a server and enabled Allow Download (sv_allowdownload 1) the clients enabled allow download in their game option (at the case to receive the files) So why tha hell it does't works?? Why they don't receive ?? If I put pure server (sv_pure 1) no one can enter, and if I enable pure when all is in, they all are disconnected (seems 'cause they have not the same files and data, then all are kicked) any comment?
  3. I start playing JA some days ago in the net, saw that mod from bladeworks, pretty cool when the other guy die, it says how much life he has, I'm opening my server to play against some friends, and I want to put a mod like that, to say the enemy life when he kills me, but I don't found nothing equal, I'm just want it say how much life he has when I die, nothing more, all the admin mods have a bunch of useless options...
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