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  1. This man. Clive Owen looks like a bond it shoudl be him, apparently he came 2nd in the competition or something like that.
  2. Hi, im back you older members may remember me i guess, but I came back looking for info as I'll probably buy this. This stuff is nice to know. Thanks guys.
  3. hahaha this is great ... i mean ... this finding disgusting [lie] i hope the phones never come here[/lie]
  4. interesting but i'm inclined to agree with sabre: it's a hoax
  5. realjedi i made you a sig you dont have to like it as it is my first one for somone else. linky
  6. coupes nice one, mod before 1000 go you. sorry for disagreein' with y'all coupes. has proven me wrong.
  7. yeah, i suppose and it would take the at-at years to turn round so the at-te could just stay behind the at-at and blow the sh*t out of it's @$$.
  8. yeah well how many mods are there with less than 1000 posts and you are not appointed admin you just get it when you help build/ fnd one of the sites.
  9. yeah, you really should get to be a mod of somewhere insane sith you have been here a while and you've got a good post count yeah i want IS as next mods
  10. where abouts is that classic moment i've looked everywhere for that dumb stormie.
  11. Holy s*it in a can, 24 posts a days thats 4 times mine. F*cking hell in a jar, thats cccccrrrraaaaazzzzyyyyyy
  12. well ET I like you [begs] please dont crack my head [/begs] you were my second choice.
  13. i like the at-at more it would whoop ass and ranre it does say in the code of conduct not to steal other people av's/sig's unless it's on the LF list i havn't checked.
  14. oy you have welcome bear now and you better like it *shakes fist* j/k:p
  15. yay i share a b-day with rogue15 *hi-fives rogue
  16. this one looks like me except the height tat is a cruel irony i'm small in other words but i have a rope belt it is teh r0xx0r and i go horse riding every sunday so thats what the horse is all about and i used to do martial arts so thats what the nunchukas are for. but the hair that is exactly the same as my hair.
  17. yeah but yours was made in the hero maker;)
  18. SD the idea of this thread is to post pictures made on the hero maker not self portraitsXD, oh well it's all good.
  19. aww damn PIE and breton stop it i wish i could speak norwegin(sorry 'bout the sp) now.
  20. oh my day isnt ruined after all thanks ET *feels better
  21. aww i wasnt in the list but i've been here longer than jedidude aww im not popular crap now whats eft of my day is ruined *shakes fist and cries
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