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  1. It doesn't have to do with pornography...but it has everything to do with respect...I was showing the fact that not all women can stand up for them selves...(Like what Virtuosis said) I was showing situations where women can't stand up for themselves. With Charity, andy
  2. Porn attributes to Rape and child seexual abuse: http://www.prtc.net/~morality/porno/research.htm http://www.dianarussell.com/porntoc.html http://www.gospelcom.net/rbc/ds/cb991/page3.html http://www.afajournal.org/cover/pornography_4.asp http://www.bauercom.net/pornography_whats_the_big_deal.htm You will like this one... "Dr. Dolf Zimmerman and Dr. Jennings Bryant showed that continued exposure to pornography had serious adverse effects on beliefs about sexuality in general and on attitudes toward women in particular. They also found that pornography desensitizes people to rape as a criminal offense.2 " http://www.forerunner.com/forerunner/X0388_Effects_of_Pornograp.html I would love to stay on here longer tonight and talk, but I am going to watch a movie with my family. With Charity, Andy
  3. Tell the wife who is getting beat by her husband to just stand up for herself. Tell the girlfriend who is getting used to just stand up for herself. Tell the single mother of 6 to stand up for herself. I don't know about you but it seems pretty difficult to: when you think you are. And in regards to your: "B: Don't deserve it." Who are you to say who does and doesn't deserve human respect? The women who you say fit under option B. ("Don't Deserve it")...They deserve it the most! With Charity, Andy
  4. ETwarrior... You assume a lot...For 3 years I was addicted to pornography...I know what it does. Porn is a "gate-way drug" (so to say)...It not only hurts the individual...but it is one of the leading factors in rape...And I ask you how can rape not hurt someone? In regards to your ... comment...I was mainly talking about women, because you are a male. With Charity, andy
  5. Insanesith... With all respect that is a poor arguement...I am saying that that fact that you are looking at it is wrong...Because there are women out there willing to pose for pictures doesn't justify their acts. It is assinine to say that because the women do it they are wanting respect. There are many many many women who think they don't deserve respect because of the way they have been treated. Just because a woman says she doesn't want respect doesn't mean you shouldn't give her respect...Be a man...stand up for the dignity of women. With charity, Andy
  6. So if someone is willing to kill someone..."Who am I to say they are wrong?" So if someone is willing to steal something..."Who I am to say they are wrong?" So if someone is willing to rape someone..."Who am I to say they are wrong?" You are a man...You should tell people they are wrong even when they don't want you to...You should stand up for women even when they don't think they deserve it, or when they don't want it. With Charity, Andy
  7. ET warrior...let's finnish talking about pornography first. ET warrior...you don't care who you look at on-line, and even if you did you still don't know her...so you are basically saying you don't care about who you are looking at, you don't care about who they are, you don't care about them as a person...All you care about is what you see. Appearance only...thus resulting in disrespect. With Charity, andy
  8. It is possible for you to respect one woman. But I am talking about what a woman is...what she deserves. Ask you mom or your sister or your girlfriend if they think pornography gives women the respect they deserve. See if they would like to have men watch them...masterbate over them. Because if pornography does give women respect then your mom, sister, grandma, girlfriend, and every girl you know should say yes. Tell me what they say... With Charity, Andy
  9. ET Warrior... You sure do have a sense of humor. What is the main purpose of sex...what is the outcome...not the side effects. It is procreation incase you aren't sure. (And if you want to talk about why masterbation and contraceptives are wrong we can, but not in this topic...let's stick to why pornography is evil.) Let me get this straight ETwarrior...you think you respect you girlfriend more than anyone you know...(I wasn't just talking about your girlfriend in my earlier post, I was talking about women in general) So you say you respect all women...You respect them by looking at them naked...By watching them have sex...So this is respect? Let's say your mom was in those picture's. Let's say your sister was in those pictures. Let's say in a few years your daughter was in those pictures. Some guy is viewing them, probably masterbating over your mom/daughter/sister...but then again... With Charity, Andy
  10. Fantasy kills Reality...Lust kills Love. Ave Maria, Andy
  11. Obarljamar...you are partially right. But the amount of times you view it doesn't chage what it is. I do agree that it may change the way you feel about it or the way you view it, but it does not change what it is. It is like if you are addicted to eating cookies. (Follow me here) When you are addicted to eating cookies you become very fat. However, if you occasionally eat cookies you still become fat, but at a slower rate and to a lesser degree. You may not think you are getting fat, but it add up and you suddenly find yourself 5 lbs. overweight...then 10 lbs. overweight...then you find yourself addicted to pornography...I mean cookies. I agree anything could be potientialy dangerous, it's not the danger that is evil. It is what it is...what it does...and where it leads that is evil. Ave Maria, Andy
  12. Great Things???? So it is now great to distort Love. It is a great thing to have an fake illusion of love. It is great to fool yourself in thinking that is satisfying? It is great to view women as objects ? I sure hope you aren't married, and if you aren't I sure hope that when/if you do get married your wife knows you view her as an object of self-pleasure. She is nothing more than fullfilling your pictures you see. You idea of love becomes a woman's body...rather than a woman's soul. Ave Maria, Andy
  13. I enjoy the classic...Cat's Craddle. and everyone should read Mere Christianity even if you are atheist. Ave Maria, Andy
  14. Revlt Coranier, you say it isn't evil because it doesn't injure or kill someone...That isn't a very good arguement, here is why. Well if everything that didn't injure or kill someone wasn't evil then stealing must not be evil, then greed must not be evil, then lying must not be evil. The list can go on and on. And when you said that A natural thing that is solely for the purpose of reproduction, procreation. Not for entertainment. Sex is beautiful because it produces life. It produces daughters, sons, cousins, brothers, sisters, friends. Pornography gradually cripples a man's ability to love. It is impossible to love a fantasy, but living in a world of fantasy allows a guy to escape from reality and evade the demands of authentic love. In a way, the fact that pornography allows men to indulge their lust without having to worry about pregnancy or STDs is part of the problem. It encourages him to live in a world in which sexuality offers only pleasure without meaning or consequences, in which no one gets pregnant, no one catches a disease, no one shows signs of guilt, fear, remorse, embarrassment, or distrust. No one suffers from the sexual activities of others and the men, at least, are always carefree, unrestrained. . . . The priority of lovingly protecting one's partner is of little concern in pornography because no harm seems possible...Pornography distorts love...The viewer is searching for love, but all they are getting is an obsession and a false view of love. Pornography drives a man/woman to value a woman only for what she gives him rather than for the person she is. Thus causing the viewer to lose respect for the person. They view the opposite sex as an object rather than a person. Love requires sacrifice...(For all the Christians look at Christ's love for you; for atheist's look at your friends love for you.) Ave Maria, Andy
  15. I read in another thread that there were some people who think that pornography isn't evil...I would like to discuss why pornography takes away ALL respect for women and men. How it leads to a pathetic life style. And how it effects the brain. Ave Maria, Andy
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