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  1. Uhm, guys, it was just a little mistake, actually, i wasnt even going to mention the 2d effects, did it in a rush . Discuss the deathstar rather
  2. Hey, i was wondering, and asking myself, if you play as the galactic empire, theres simply no doubt you can build the DS yourself, right? after all, the game starts several years before it was even finished, so if you stop the attack from the rebels at yavin, you can still be able to use this big*** ship and blow enemy planets to BITS! Your thoughts? Oh and some little arguments, pls dont flame me! i simply hate 2-D effects in a spacebattle, thats like moving spaceships on a dinnerplate , and totally goes against the movies, wheres the scenes with a fighter crashing against a star destroyers cockpit? or the famous scene of the super Star destroyer crashing into the Deathstar!, fighters just seem to make all the same moves, moving in circles, it just dont feels right, we need heights and depths, we need 3-D combat! Also, im not sure about this, but i heard fighting in space and ground will go at the same time, may i ask.. how!?!
  3. Now ive played this class... keep them, they are really fun, jumping towards your enemy and landing infront of his face scares the hell outta him, thats what happend once with me, i just stood infront of him, and i could just see the player had a heart-attack, because his player was shaking in every direction xD a very enjoyable class!
  4. Sounds like his bag of tricks TRICKED on him
  5. well, things appear to be returned to peacefull around here
  6. ironic that you both have the geforce4 MX... its a real sucky video card
  7. why exactly, do you care? if you can say it better, plus i didnt say it in my head
  8. Altho, a tripple of those droideka's are deadly as hell, some may team up
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