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    The first MI game I played was CMI, and within the first 2 minutes I became obsessed.
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    Animating and listening to music
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    Student and animator

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  1. That's a CMI soundalike if ever I heard one!
  2. Yay! I want to be Stan when he comes up. I'm not sure I have any appropriate voices for any Scabb characters, except maybe my own voice for the cook - I'm Australian, and I reckon that might suit him. I'll e-mail you a recording soon. PS. I reckon Largo should be Irish
  3. Sheepgood? Sneephood? There were a few said by Kenny in MI3
  4. I was referring to the line at the end of MI1, where you can say "never pay more than [whatever it was] for a videogame" However, to completely go back on my last post, my idea of what the ending of MI2 was is that "they wake up and it was all a dream... or was it?" sort of ending, so I like this time travel theory for it's entertainment value, and that it fits with a lot of things, but my thoughts on the actual ending are that Big Whoop has the power to create alternate realities, aka, the theme park. I think the carnival ending was LeChuck's backup plan/curse (as Elaine makes reference to). P.S. Is anyone buying the MI3 'Big Whoop was on Monkey Island' explanation? It doesn't work for me.
  5. I would have thought this was obvious: The treasure of Big Whoop/the underground tunnels. I for one LOVE this time travel theory. Here's my assortment of ideas. The voodoo lady knows what Big Whoop is and that Guybrush is from the future, as she can foresee the future. She knows he doesn't belong, so instructs him to find Big Whoop, to send. LeChuck (as Chuckie) followed Guybrush through the tunnels because his parents sent him to find Guybrush. He came out in the past as an adult, before Guybrush got there. Unlike Guybrush, he initially doesn't want to be a pirate, but then realises the power he could gain from it, and he becomes the most dreaded pirate on the seas. Guybrush suffers memory loss as a result of going back in time, but LeChuck doesn't. Ironically, LeChuck acts more piratey than Guybrush. When Guybrush is killing zombie LeChuck, LeChuck gives up his charade to save his own life, and then remembers his parents' instructions, to find Guybrush. The original expedition that found Big Whoop, the portal to the future, realised the implications of their discovery, and that's why they didn't want anyone to know about it, tearing up the map. Guybrush makes references to modern ideas that other pirates don't understand, and he doesn't know where these ideas came from, eg. "I don't know why I said that". In a way, the e-ticket sort of is Big Whoop, as it is a link to the future. Guybrush can't drink grog in the first game, because he had been a kid, and had never drunk it before. There are probably more connections I can think of...
  6. ...lactic acid. That's right, these baby chickens were...
  7. Guys, it's just a joke. This is like when everyone took the stump joke seriously.
  8. Has any one played Peasant's Quest? It's made by the Brothers Chaps (the creators of Homestar Runner) and I found it a lot like the first 2 Monkey Island games in style and humor.
  9. What I do is - Use gunpowder in cannon nozzle. - Use rope in cannon. - Light dance instructions on fire with fire under the big cooking pot. - Use flaming mass with rope. - Very very quickly use pot with nozzle.
  10. MI3: Blondebeard! He's so lovably insane. Yes, I too like Mr Fossey and Murray. MI4: The cane-maker from Lucre Island.
  11. Aww, that's a bit harsh. But what of his Pirates of the Caribbean 2 score? Two Hornpipes, Dinner Is Served, Tia Dalma and Davey Jones were all very unique and suited to the environment of the movie. Yes, I guess his score for Pirates of the Caribbean 1 was pretty monotonous, but it works with the movie.
  12. I was just pointing out that he was good at composing for pirate movies. I didn't mean that they were his best, just that they were good.
  13. Danny Elfman would probably be able to capture the humor of the series well. I'd love to hear his version of the MI1 Love Theme.
  14. If there were to be a Monkey Island movie of each game, who should compose the soundtrack. I was thinking Hans Zimmer because he composed the music for Pirates of the Carribean 2 and most of Pirates of the Carribean 1. But then again, Monkey Island should be unique from Pirates so maybe Harry Gregson-Williams, since he did a good job in Narnia, bringing the book to life.
  15. It's the direction from which you come to the first bone door. From the place with the signs you can keep going right (this goes to a bone door then right again to Wally) or you can go through the corridor next to the signs (a neverending series of bone doors). You need to go into the corridor next to the signs.
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