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  1. I received the item fully sealed boxed and in perfect condition. Being UK based I have email LucasArt's and wait 48hr's for a response. Failing that I certainly will be calling their tech support. Meantime I will be taking this matter up further with Amazon directly. I just wonder how on earth this could happen? Perhaps I've been naive as I've bought zillions of games and this is the first time I've had an error like this. Totally unbelievable. !!!
  2. I've waited an entire month for this game to arrive from Amazon and finally got it today. Upon installation then running the game I log onto gamespy, select a server hit 'Join' and bam I get this ridicules error saying my key is unauthorised. I'll give you **** unauthorised I mean what kind of games (excuse the pun) are Lucas Arts playing here. I have re-installed the game, re-entered the CD key via cdkey.exe in the install folder and directly in the registry. I am even aware of the 1's perhaps mistaken for l's (lowercase L) but it just won't work. Tell me I'm mad and just making this whole up or perhaps I seriously need to contact gaming magazines to verify this and report the shenanigans just so innocent authentic purchasers like myself are protected from being abused this way. I am totally appalled from what I regard as a professional establishment. As far as the game is concerned if anyone has any suggestions where I go from here or can try an alternative remedy I would be grateful but frankly I really do fear something terrible has happened!!!
  3. As in Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy will Battlefront allow you to create a dedicated server? Also will mods be a future feature that will be available for the game? Thanks
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