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  1. Got soemthing intresting going on here. Never mind the "Hatrus is a fake part." The intresting part comes after where a guy tries to degrade my character. Feel free to post your comments, Im intrested in what people have to say about it. http://pcgamemods.com/forum/topicdisplay.php?t=114955&page=1
  2. hey bud thx for wanting to help! id love it if youd make me a skybox and yes if you can add some ships please. that would be great. my msn is themadrapper@hotmail.com my aim is DJKryptiK333 hope to hear fromy ou soon
  3. .. . . . .. . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ....Is a map me and Darth Zappa plan on doing in a bit. It will be a very large map with the space crusiers and such, and lots of little EPIII fighters done by me. Our only problem is getting a Corescant skybox. Here I will post screenshots. This is a pic of the little jedi starfighter and arc-170 i through together for testing purposes. Skins on the jedi fighters are by my friend Angelis. There will be some other space fighters too. I still need an animator and minilogoguy is really busy so I will have to wait a while for him. Id like to get them animated soon then that tho.
  4. the "chicken walker" is an republic at-rt. ive put mien on the shelf for a while so i look forward to seeing this in game. id help you but im to busy right now. looks good you've really come a long way. keep up the good work!
  5. i just made a flare weapon that does no damage but lights up the map within its range. this calls for a night version of omaha beach where flares will light the sky. tanks and planes will be able to launch flares while they advance on the enemy. the germans will need to launch them to see the allied forces. this also could be used in other maps.
  6. use milkshape to export the md3s. in the qc control file put the correct paths to the textures. then it will work.
  7. Neverhoodian I am familar with what your talking about. I also am a WWII freak. But...in this "what if" scenario, we've gone for 50% accuracy and 50% fire works. The V2 did have a gizmo that guided the rocket on a crude trajectory, but yes it was virtually unguided compared to todays guided munitions. The fact that the player can kamimazi the vehicle into a tank makes it much more fun and intresting then what we have with the Nebelwerfer. The Nebelwerfer duplicates what a Nebelwerfer would have looked like, but was origionally designed for another mod. Its been incorportated into this mod however. It fires unguided rockets on a limited arc-trajectory at on comming troops and tanks. For the radar stations, that is Orbitius' department, I will relay to him about the accuracy of the receptors. The mustang was chosen for the allied carrier because it was intended to be used on a land based airstrip until Orb decided to build a carrier. The goblin is also one of the "fire works" of the mod. I unique, cute, jet-powered aircraft with speed and quad machineguns, and a blast to fly. That said, I hope you understand that we're aiming for fun and uniqueness rather then dead-on accuracy. We want the players to expierence some weapons that most ppl dont know about or know little of. The german Strumtiger, and M3 Halftrack were also made for the map but were replaced with the V2 and the Goblin.
  8. so far testing on the map has been going good. we loaded it with about vehicles and fps went down to 30 but there about 50 vehicles. there would only be about 30.
  9. no no i mean the vehicle. the rocket sits on ground like this: | | | / \ And wwhen it takes off and the engines come on it turns like this: >-------- and flys like a plane
  10. Heres my newest project, a map with Orbitius. The map is Omaha Beach D-Day Invasion. It has a bunker system and will remind you of the bunkers in MOHAA. It also has an air strip, and the two imfamous pillboxes. For the allies is a carrier with planes, and there will be a battleship using stationary vehicles as turrets. Weapons and Vehicles for this map are as follows: Panzer Tank - Fires standard anti-tank round plus MG Nebelwerfer - Fires Rocket-Artillery rounds at tanks Junker Fighter - Fires 2 MG's and drops bombs V2 Rocket - Player guided kamikazi vehicle Sherman Tank - Fires standard anti-tank round plus MG Mustang Fighter - Fires 2 MG's and fires unguided missiles Goblin Jet Fighter - Fires 4 MG's faster air superiority fighter Battleship Turrets - Fires linked bunker-busting rounds AA Guns - Fires 4 rapid heavy MG's at oncomming aircraft Colt 1911 Handgun - Replaces blaster_pistol M1A1 Tompson SMG - Replaces blaster_r Gewehr 43 Sniper Rife - Replaces disruptor MP44 Assault Rifle - Replaces heavy_repeater M1A1 Bazooka - Replaces merr_sonn (kills tanks in 4 shots) M35 Potato Masher Grenade - Replaces thermal TNT Trip Bombs - Replaces trip_mine C4 Explosive - Replaces detpack Possible Allied Player Model Possible Axis Player Model As you can see this wil lbe like a mini-mod that requires no programming. There will be a trailer released later dorected by Zappa_0. Expect action packed scenes from that. Here are some screenshots of the WIP Map: I could use some help from someone (LightNinja), to animate the V2 rocket so that it takes off verticles then turns horizonta to fly. And to replaces the Emplaced_Gun with a MG42 machinegun. Comments and Suggestions please.
  11. oh mike you are in so much trouble when you get back from your appointment. ill just say now that i will never let you on my pc ever again, so as soon as you read this your going bye bye for a very long time!
  12. aha he had left us logged in to his little fake name and i didnt realize it. so just to be sure that was me in the post above b ut my cousin mike in the obnacious post. is there some how an admin can make it that my hatrus account is the only account that can be created on my ip address? that would help thx.
  13. well i doubt anything will happen. we've all seen many many ports like predator, master chief, etc. posted here adn nothing happened. some of the models are edited as are the skins so its not direct ports for all. and im willing to takes the risk with releasing the mod/map. ill talk to orbitius tho. but thx for bringing it to my attention.
  14. Cow that would be excelent see wat you can get me I especailly want the propeller engine sounds of the naboo crusier.
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