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  1. I got one coming but for now the website is being worked on....So if you want to rent a battlefront 2 server. Send me an aim: Wardog1368.
  2. Hey what are the names of the new maps that are gonna be in swbf2?
  3. I can't wait to shoot jawas,tusken raiders(already in forst one but hunting them sounds better), and even ride a Bantha. I hope so.
  4. SO does anyone know anything cool? About say the outer space stuff or if there will be squads like in bf2? I would love for the commander to have special orders to give out to a certain squad in swbf. Also the online stuff better be improved. Any new game modes besides the one mentioned above?
  5. How can you say it's not a popular game? It's on the top 10 charts!!!
  6. Wow that sounds awesome!!!! Will we be able to expect new maps to keep coming out? Also will the old maps be in the game? If so will they be improved?
  7. Are you trying to say we have no info on the game? I would love to here stuff like an artillery strike from a star destroyer in outer space. At least give me a list of the new units and weapons. Pleass.
  8. As summer comes to a close and school starts up. I decided to light a fire for us to cuddle around and tell swbf2 stories and information. Thats right people it's time we start a forum for nothing but that info you have for the game come on post all you know about the game right here. That way maybe all the excitement we had last year will be brought back.
  9. Yes the game is dead especiially for the ps2 version most returned their copy after the first week. i hope pandemic learned from their first errors. Hey badger I remeber you from last years hype over swbf! i hope to see more threads about the new game from you and jedi john:)
  10. it's almhost time for realese!!! Were is the press? I mean this is SWBF2!!!! We were all siked about this last year. I guess they all may have returned their copy. I can't wait to get in depth info like we did last year less the forums changed 2 much.
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