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  1. I'm pretty much going to echo what others are saying but generally this series has been excellent. Pirate episode was pure nob-rot, obviously, and the most recent two were disappointing overall if brilliant in places, but this is the best series of the new Dr Who yet. My one major issue though is that Rory needs to stop . It happens almost every episode and it cheapens the whole thing. One day he's and it'll have no impact on me whatsoever.
  2. I've only actually played Nelson Tethers. It's been a busy year for me.
  3. I still feel that the stories would be better told over 3 or 4 episodes rather than jamming everything into 45 minutes. Don't get me wrong, the last two episodes were flipping brilliant, I just feel that a slower pace that allowed the story to breathe a little would make the series flipping brillianter. Also: Matt Smith is superb
  4. This is quite possibly the best thing ever Someone needs to stick this Mojo's front page.
  5. Stupid people will be stupid with or without Call of Duty. Having an education system that produces intelligent people capable of evaluating evidence and coming to their own conclusions is what's missing here, those reactions to CoD are merely symptoms.
  6. Psychonauts on Steam for a quid! At that price I've bought it again purely for convenience sake. EDIT: Twitter informs me that the price for US based folks is $2.
  7. I get what you're saying, but old Who never felt like an episode of Eastenders with a scifi/supernatural twist to me - new Who, more often that not, does. The show's not supposed to be a kitchen sink drama, it's supposed to be about big ideas. Maybe my perspective is skewed by my diminishing willingness to suspend disbelief as I get older and a fuzzy/selective memory, either way I can't watch an episode without cringing and feeling nauseous.
  8. My biggest problems with RTD's Who are 1) Everything has to be epic and 2) Soap level acting/dialogue. Although I expect an improvement, I can't see either of those problems being addressed under Moffat.
  9. I played it a while ago so I'm a little hazy on details but I remember being pretty disappointed. I slogged through most of the game without really enjoying it, finally got into the story and was then faced with a crappy ending 5 minutes later. I'm not necessarily sorry I played it, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  10. The cake one was definitely the best - put a big ol' smile on my face that one did. Goes to show that sometimes less really is more.
  11. Hehe, it appears that us agreeing on everything at the Mixnmojo end of year polls is becoming something of a trend - as I recall the same happened last year. Thunder and I actually met Ben and Dan in a pub a while back. That's Ben on the right, me and Thunder in the middle and Dan is the guy at the back on the far left scratching his ear. Good times.
  12. TMI for me purely for the puzzle design in Lair of the Leviathan. Possibly the finest adventure game ever made in my book (The other contender being Time Gentlemen, Please which was also released this year - if you haven't played it yet I urge you to check it out ASAP)
  13. Oh man, I hadn't spotted this thread before. Loom is probably my second favourite game ever after Grim Fandango - I'm pleased to see a fan sequel in the works. I'd love to get involved, but I don't have much free time these days. Best of luck to you though
  14. I have nothing in particular to add since I'm waiting on the English version, but it's good to know you liked it
  15. I'm definitely in the "It was overly melodramatic" camp. The dramatic scenes were so hackneyed that it took me out of the moment rather than drawing me in. Just as an example, I think I would have had a much greater emotional response if Morgan was just dead with no scene accompanying it at all.
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