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  1. This is essentially what I'm talking about. It's far cheaper and quicker to provoke an emotional response such as fear or anger than than to go into any detail and actually explain a complex issue. You cannot be serious. That is a ridiculously naive attitude. Firstly, just because something happens on the other side of the world doesn't mean it doesn't affect you. The Somalian pirates, for example, have a direct impact on the cost of imported goods. This is a pretty simplistic causal relationship, other relationships may be more convoluted but almost everything that is considered "world news" has an affect on some aspect of your life. Second, just because a news item doesn't have even and indirect affect on your life doesn't mean that it's not worth knowing about. Watching how situations across the globe unfold, and why the the turn out the way they do, gives you an understanding how the world works and what the consequences of tackling different issues in different ways are. That understanding can be applied to domestic issues and inform your opinions on all sorts of problems that are relevant to your day to day life.
  2. I understand why it is, but that doesn't make it ok. The medical industry, for example, also exists for the purpose of making money yet they also have a clear and detailed code of conduct and acknowledge their ethical obligations. I, like everyone else, am ignorant of many, many things. You must surely agree, though, that news outlets dumbing everything down into emotive human interest stories, rather than rational, well informed, in depth reporting, can only exacerbate the spread of ignorance.
  3. Racism is a product of human nature, is that not worth getting offended over? Yeah, I know, that's not even close to a fair comparison. Racism has caused the needless suffering of millions - people being overly upset about the death of a celebrity doesn't hurt anyone. I was just being facetious above, but I do have a serious problem with the news coverage of this. Not just this, but in general, journalists are going for the emotional, human interest side of the story when they should just be reporting the facts. I can't really prove this, but it is my suspicion that the media is far more responsable for manufacturing this ludicrous reaction than human nature. Basically I'm angry because I feel alienated. Asserting that he defininitly wasn't is just as absurd as asserting that defininitly he was. You don't know and you have no way of knowing. He was never convicted and we should assume his innocence, but that's not the same this as calling the allegations ridiculous.
  4. Really? That's very uncool. Have people been PMing you or are we talking regular forum posts? Mojo is normally a very friendly place. Feel free post about whatever you want, so long as you don't start spamming the boards that is, and if anyone harrasses you then i'm sure someone will step in.
  5. It's sad that he died, no question, but then it's sad when anyone dies - and people die every day. I hate that as a society we've all agreed to pretend to mourn people we never knew just because they're famous. The coverage of this story by the media is grossly disproportionate and only validates the absurd pseudo-grief of demonstrable morons. Frankly I find the whole thing highly offensive.
  6. Nah you're not the only one, I feel a little over Monkey Islanded too. I think this is probably a good thing though because now I wont have unattainably high expections.
  7. Both myself and Gabez went there, although we've both graduated and moved on. You wouldn't expect that much overlap for a community as small as Mojo and a town as small as Aber. Good luck with your studies chap.
  8. C√ľnts. Also, good christ, another forum member from Aber? There's an unreasonable number of us from there.
  9. I don't think so. It's definitely him in the SE but there's no mention of him on the Telltale site. LeChuck doesn't have that many lines in SOMI and they could probably get them done in one or two recording sessions but a whole season would require loads of sessions. As a fairly well known and in demand actor they probably can't afford his fee for that much work. That said, the voice in the Telltale games is a decent approximation.
  10. I found the segue voice over a bit jarring - it was delivered with a knowing nudge-nudge wink-wink whereas I always imagined it to be a bit more earnest.
  11. Oh cool! You can sort of see it for a second in the trailer - is there a screenshot or something where you can get a clearer look?
  12. Hey guys, welcome to the forums. That's a sweet looking poster Sk-F, and I appreciate you putting in the effort to collect together the pics SubElement I don't mean to put a dampener on things, but all of those images, and some other ones, are already available in zip format from the LucasArts site though.
  13. I'd be pretty shocked if LA weren't reading these threads to be honest. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit, but I imagine they'll want to gauge the fan reaction to the announcement and, well, Mojo is the place to do that. Anyone with access to the IP logs care to take a look?
  14. I definitely would. Elaine is looking quite hot too, but my mother's name is Elaine and I think I'd find that a bit weird.
  15. I think the early-mid 90's were the Golden Age but we're definitely in the middle of a renaissance for adventure games. Between Autumn Moon and Telltale we're spoilt for high quality adventure gaming. Even the non-adventure games from the likes of Schafer and Gilbert have adventure style elements. This is most certainly a special time for us could we call it the Silver Age of adventure gaming?
  16. I certainly agree that Guybrush looks a bit dodge, but when you think of how much worse it could have been I don't think we can really complain. In fact we should be grateful that we've got this at all. This game is a good thing (it even has the old graphics if the new ones offend you so much) and we need to support it if we want encourage LA to be more respectful of it's back catalogue.
  17. Well ordinarily I'd agree, it doesn't matter in the least, however Icebox seems to be a fan of logical fallacies and sounding educated (see about a third of the way down the comments) so I thought they'd appreciate it. I don't really want to get too much into this, but you mentioned that I got it wrong. I didn't think you could beg the question without raising a question, or at least without re-raising the same question. For example, if say "EMI sucks because it's crap." it raises the question "So why is EMI crap?". Have I got the wrong end of the stick here? Sorry for being off topic.
  18. I would've preferred a world without Monkey Island 4 if that's what you mean. It raises the question, it doesn't beg the question. Begging a question is more specific than just raising a question. /pedantry
  19. I think rewriting the story so the main character isn't just a spectator to events is an absolute must. It's very important that a player feels that they are having an affect on the game world, otherwise they wont have the motivation to continue. I'd recommend you read Randy Ingermanson's guide to writing a novel - obviously it is aimed at stroy telling in a different medium but I think lots (nearly all) of his advice is transferable to videogames. I don't know if you're already aware of it, and of course you're always welcome here - I'm not trying to shoo you away , but Tigsource has an excellent community of indie game developers who talk about any and all topics relating to game design. They may be more knowledgeable on these matters than us. Keep us posted on how you're getting on either way.
  20. Why, he looks like he could take on the world! Welcome to the forums
  21. Yeah I can see that being the case. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but it is a pretty exciting time for Mojo.
  22. The more I look at this the more it looks like complete bunk to me. Reading the logs, the SvummVM folks had to school this guy on the GPL and Apple's EULA. This lack of understanding of pretty basic stuff seriously detracts from this person's credibility. This person also gives no idication that they're representing a company or working with anyone else at all; everything is "I'm doing this", "I want to do that". If Activision had aquired the global rights to sell any of the LA adventures, which surely would not be free, why would they then license the game to some random person working out of their bedroom? Why, after going to the trouble of getting the rights, would they not just contract a developer for a couple of weeks to get it working for themselves? Having said that, there is mounting evidence of a change of heart in the LA management. Time will tell I suppose.
  23. This guy sounds like he's full of **** to me, on a level comparable to good ol' Wolfgang Keidorf. They start off with then it becomes We also get this: O_o ... how has *nobody* heard this? How is this not even a rumour? My guess is this is some kid with big ideas no clue what they're doing.
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