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  1. The 7th Guest is definitely a classic. I can't argue with any of Capn_Nacho's points BUT if you can look past it's age and a few irritating design choices you'll have a blast. I never finished it back in the day (I got up into the attic but could never complete the puzzle with the lights in the windows) so this is just the excuse I need to get it out again.
  2. It must be a spelling mistake by gamespot then. Bogey in golf means one over par.
  3. Boogeyman is presumably (assuming it's not a typo) a combination of the words "boogie" and "bogeyman". Perhaps a W&G start a mobile disco service that's haunted by a mysterious figure. I'm thinking phantom of the opera in a zoot suit, something like that.
  4. Yeah, superb work there. It looks great:) Are you planning to do any more? I think a Guybrush or a Bernard would make an excellent companion piece.
  5. Well, apparently I'm a moron because my ideal MI5 would be a Ronzo helmed MI3b cowritten by Dave Grossman and Tim Schafer. MI4 shat all over the continuity; the storyline has to be tied into pointlessly complex knots to make any sense of it. To try and continue this storyline without contradicting it would be a hassle, and if you're going to start a new storyline why bother making it Monkey Island? Why not just have a pirate themed game with it's own name? As for what would happen in my magical MI3b, if we assume that the end of MI2 gets explained and we go back to everything as it was: LeChuck returns having been reincarnated as a monkey, but nobody knows it's him. Elaine decides to leave the Caribbean so Guybrush and Monkey LeChuck sneak onboard her ship as it leaves. After some hilarious puzzle solving during which both LeChuck and Gubrush reveal themselves and fail to impress Elaine a sea monster attacks! Our lovable trio have to join forces to tame the beast and get it to give them a lift home.
  6. Well the ScummVM site says Maniac Mansion and Loom require .LFL files. It doesn't give a complete list of them, but if you can find a directory full of LFL files they're the ones you want.
  7. That is going to look so ****ing cool wherever it ends up. Gorgeous.
  8. Yeah totjoj, that looks great. Please do post the high resolution version Welcome to the forums too, you've made a great entrance.
  9. Haha, much obliged Whilst I am genuinely a little disappointed, it is still cool that they did as much as they could in a single take. It's not as bad as when I found out
  10. Dude, that's my childhood you're pissing on there. Couldn't you have just let me carry on believing that?
  11. The following is from the foreword to The Tomb Of The Cybermen Script Book
  12. The old Dr Who's went out live too but they managed to record them I don't pretend to understand but it's a good job however it was done. I would be shocked if this wasn't released on dvd, it would sell bucket loads. I imagine they'll wait until around Christmas though if they do release it.
  13. It's the whole episodes with all the studio bits intact. It's strange watching Attenborough at that age, he's always been a sort of grandfather type figure to me.
  14. I've been meaning to play that for ages, it's just getting hold of a copy really that's the trouble. If you haven't seen it (you may have actually been the one who showed it to me, I don't remember) there was a cool retrospective over on gamasutra not too long ago.
  15. I don't know how many others round these parts are into the "games as art" thing, but I think a powerful artistic statement could be made with a FPS set in the trenches. In my game a trench would faithfully recreated which the player given no objective but to explore and experience life in the trenches. After some time they're told to get ready to go over the top. They player can either go over and get killed after a few seconds or refuse and be shot as a traitor. There would be no way of winning the game.
  16. Nah, he's clearly talking about The Pig War.
  17. Guns hadn't been invented yet, the standard issue weapon back then was a sharpened broom handle. Atari did make a WW1 themed game with a first person poking gameplay mechanic in the late nineties, but it was a critical and commercial flop. Nobody's touched the idea since sadly
  18. Thinking about it, LucasArts new business model of not making anything but licensing out games might work in favour a new Monkey Island game. Especially if it's pitched as a download only game with no publishing duties for LucasArts to perform. Maybe?
  19. Are you kidding me? Batman and Robin is the perfect comparison for EMI. I apologise for nothing!
  20. OK so make a new folder called MonkeyIsland1 or whatever and copy the files from your MI1 disks into that folder. Then you can do the same for MI2.
  21. Oh I adore MI3, don't get me wrong. I just meant that you can clearly see the franchise had changed hands with that game. MI4 on the other hand ... well, it's all subjective isn't it. I'm sure there are some people who enjoyed Batman and Robin.
  22. To me the Monkey Island games are an awful lot like the Batman film franchise. The first two are undeniable classics, the third is ok but going in a different direction and the fourth ... well we don't need to go into that. So what do we learn from this? It's time for a reboot starring Christian Bale as a growling, menacing Guybrush Threepwood!
  23. Perhaps video tape was easily recorded over whereas film can only be used once? I don't know, but it sounds plausible.
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