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  1. Thanks Tingler, you're a star for doing this (Being from the UK I can listen to it anyway, but still.)
  2. Those crazy royals, what will they do next? I've got £20 that says the Queen will call a black foreign dignitary a nigger some time this year. Any takers?
  3. Maybe there'll be a second edition with corrections and more detail at some point. Quite unlikely I expect but still, maybe one day.
  4. This makes me sad. I really hope there's some bad maths going on here. I know that I for one haven't bought the game because I just cannot afford it right now.
  5. Maybe it's a picture book? I've always been under the impression that Mojo's remit includes whatever the hell people are interested in (Like LSD for instance). There's no reason not to post about the game if enough people want to hear about it I'd've thought.
  6. Sorry I just don't agree. Even if I did online petitions aren't renowned for being effective.
  7. Welcome to the boards Jeopando I haven't played AVS yet either. I'm too poor
  8. What? But I thought you made it specially
  9. That one was based on the awesome beard of Dr Nigel Hardy BSc who was a lecturer of mine at the time. Whilst you can argue I didn't pull it off nearly as well as he does, you can't deny it was a noble pursuit.
  10. So I was looking for a picture of Jake with a beard because he seems a popular choice and I don't know what it looks like. Anyhoo, I came across this old interview from 2003/4ish with this awesomely relevant quote:
  11. Well I wasn't here in the glory days, so I can't really compare, but we do seem to have had an increase in the trickle of new members. If this trend continues could we not see a return to form? Also, for those who had a bad/terrible year, here's hoping things work out next year
  12. I agree with everything that The Tingler said. I'd like to add that Nightlight Productions deserves a special mention for being fantastic even though it didn't get my vote.
  13. I'm sure Gabez wont mind moving your vote across. Perhaps we should rename the site International House of Mojo: We're probably all about beards.
  14. I didn't think Deathspank was confirmed to come out in 2009. Or was it? I'm not sure now
  15. It can only be "PC not for the chop", Suey. As good as all the TFU/STFU jokes were they just don't compare to this gem.
  16. You know what Chris? You've swayed me. Wallace and Gromit it is!
  17. Glokidd's beard is rockin' so it got my vote. you can check out the various beards I've had the year here
  18. For the confused and/or lazy here is a reconstruction of elTee's post: As you may or may not know, today is April the 19th. As you may or may not know, today is Bicycle Day, the anniversary of Albert Hofmann's first intentional LSD trip 65 years ago. "So what!" You cry. You have almost got a point. But then I remind you that if it weren't for LSD then , and there would be no such thing as Monkey Island. Apart from that song 'Monkey Island' by the 13th Floor Elevators - which, of course, wouldn't exist without LSD either. Bonus LucasArts-related fact: Tim Schafer actually forced the Double Fine staff to work overtime to finish his drug-em-up action/adventure game Psychonauts a day early so that it could be released on Bicycle Day instead of his original release date, the marijuana-based April 20th So we have learned that LSD is marvellous, and the future will know it to be so thanks to people like you.
  19. After much deliberation I had to go for The Power of the Loom. The reasons are: 1. Loom is the best game ever. 2. I empathise so completely with Bobby. 3. The gag at the end is perfectly executed. That said, there's something I could I could point to in all of the comics from this year and say "That is why I love this one". It's been a cracking year for behind mojo.
  20. I enjoyed "business stragedy" very much at the time because it perfectly summed up the situation for most of us here. "Rouge Leaders" on the other hand got an honest to goodness belly laugh out of me. Also, jp-30's photoshop is just about the most perfect thing I've seen all year.
  21. For me it's between Wallace and Grommit and Brutal Legend. I can't decide :S
  22. Have you tried using What The Font? It's a great tool that's served me well in the past
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