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  1. Yeah, because on regular films the director single handedly designs and builds all the sets, sets up the lighting and does all the make up themselves don't they?
  2. Perhaps it was all just a bluff to throw us off the scent.
  3. And what sort of skills are you looking for in volunteers?
  4. Haha, yes I can see how the difference between "they should censor it" and "they should censor it" might not come across over the internet. I think what you're saying as that given the choice you would choose to have it censored, but you wouldn't want to impose censorship upon them right? I'm totally fine with that, as I say it's a cultural thing and you're totally entitled to your own particular culture. I've made my previous post clearer in case you thought I was calling you retarded - I was actually refering to an Australian judge.
  5. On a related note, I just saw this which is equally retarded. How can anyone possibly argue that this is right? EDIT: I had written this whole meandering rant about the article linked to above but ended up deleting it because it was a meandering rant. I left the two sentences above intact because I thought they were related enough to the conversation to still warrant inclusion. Unfortunately I hadn't realised that, if you don't notice the link, it looks like I'm refering to the quote from Gabez below. Gabez is not retarded - I love him. I could not disagree more (although I agree they have every right to choose to do so). Your objection is purely based on what you find offensive to your culture not objective assessment. If you think that Wikipedia should censor content to be sensitive to someone's culture then you must surely agree that cartoons featuring the prophet Mohammed must be censored. Indeed if I say I am offended by images of fruit then Wikipedia should also take my views into account and remove or censor any bananas, apples or strawberries. Ignoring this for a moment though let's assume that the image is pornographic in nature, how does putting a black strip over it make it OK? If I were to sell a book filled with nothing but child pornography that had been censored with black bars I would still be profiting from child abuse but, according to your logic, that's fine because you can't see anything naughty.
  6. The idea is that countries which censor information like this tend not to be the freest of nations. Especially the criteria for what is censored appears to "potentially illegal" (which can be applied to literally anything) rather than actually illegal.
  7. I've just done a quick google image search and really, I don't know what al the fuss is about. This is no more offensive or "potentially illegal" than, say, the work of Edward Weston. I really disapprove of this knee jerk think-of-the-children mentality which seems so prevalent these days.
  8. This is a sticky problem. Whilst this is clearly very uncool and I am completely opposed to any censorship of the net, I don't think ISPs should be forced not to do so. The real question is is there enough competition in the ISP market? People should be able to easily move to the 5% of ISPs that do not enforce the blacklist if they want to, can they do so? How easy is it to identify ISPs that have opted out, or indeed opted in? Are ISPs that offer uncensored access available in the same geographical locations as other ISPs? Personally I think the big ISPs should be broken up and advertising should be clearer on these points.
  9. Well Gabez, if you weren't still using Windows 3.1
  10. Ah, I'd misinterpreted what you meant there Haggis. Neutralising a threat is very different from killing as punishment. I agree that in a hostage situation going an act of controlled aggression is 100% appropriate. As much as this might not act as a deterrent, giving in to their demands will certainly encourage more piracy. As you say the big question really is what to do in Somalia. I, for one, do not feel remotely qualified to even begin to speculate on what a solution might be. Just because we don't have a solution though doesn't mean we should try to temporarily relieve some of the symptoms though I suppose. This is why I liked maths so much as a child - it was simple, you have a right answer or a wrong answer. Why can't life be more like that?
  11. Hmmm, I can't say I've heard of SIS before - if it is a no name brand (I'm not terribly up on these things so I wouldn't really know) you may find it's just a dodgy make. The only thing I can suggest is to make sure your drivers are up to date if you haven't already done so.
  12. I'm not sure if you're joking or not, but I don't think that will really help anything in the long run. A) These people are so desperate that the threat of being shot to pieces wont be a deterrent and B) for every one that gets shot more will take their place. I might be biased because I'm opposed to capital punishment, but even so I don't think you can really fault me on my arguments. EDIT: You're not being a pirate again are you TheJoe?
  13. Heh, I actually did pretty much the same thing trying to get the demo to run on 'nix. I didn't bother getting as far as you though, good effort It's always cool and a little surprising to see FOSS out in the real world. Good to have another computer geek on the forums, hope you stick around
  14. That sucks dude. I wonder what's causing the hold up, is it manufacturing problems or something?
  15. Very cool find, thanks . I seem to remember reading somewhere that Lucas wanted to be a race driver until he had a bad car accident, so this must have been a real labour of love for him.
  16. In fairness I have accidentally bought bootlegged games off ebay before - could have been some kind of scam like that but with a burnt cd.
  17. Out of curiosity where can you download a legit copy of FoA? I think s-island must have assumed it was a dodgy copy.
  18. OK this is the last I'll say on the matter: First thing is I shouldn't have been so confrontation and I'm sorry (Believe it or not I actually toned down both posts). Second nobody (I hope) will think any less of your project, that is totally separate from his debate. Look, we share a lot of common ground. I'm a FOSS advocate myself and I'm also a fan of Larry Lessig and the CC movement. I agree that DRM sucks big hairy balls and have had to crack legitimately purchased games to get them to run on my chosen OS. I know where you're coming from and I do feel bad that your hardware got dicked over by Sony. But the point I've been trying unsuccessfully to make is that none of that entitles you to abdicate responsibility for your actions. Your philosophy on software advocates freedom but only if it's your kind of freedom. If Bill Tiller wants to release his software as closed source why shouldn't he be able to? Why should you be able to disrespect his choice because it doesn't fit with your views? For the record AVS (or at least the demo) uses Panda3d, which is open source, so you can buy with a clear conscience. So ... we cool?
  19. It's very simple: if you don't want the product because of the DRM or whatever other reason ... don't buy it! Just because it has DRM doesn't make you entitled to a free copy. Stop trying to justify yourself, what you did was wrong and you know it. Man up and buy a copy.
  20. Quick Gabez, murder someone and sell your story to the Daily Mail! You'll be rich! On a more serious note, I think there's a huge difference between being sympathetic to the root cause, and romanticising the actions of pirates. To do the first is right and necessary to finding a permanent solution to the problem, the second is wrong. To invoke Godwin's Law, it is entirely possible to paint a sympathetic picture of Hitler. I think that this is good as reminds us that he was not pure evil but a complex human being like the rest of us and forces us to evaluate our own similarities. That does not make his any actions less horrific. I guess what I'm trying to say is that an explanation is different from an excuse, and the two should not be confused.
  21. So buy the download version from Gamers Gate which has been mentioned numerous times on mojo. Pirating AVS makes you a colossal prick, there are no excuses.
  22. Kroms, there's no way that's true and even if it were a virus from the 80's will be completely impotent on any vaguely modern machine.
  23. Assuming that even websites can pass inaccurate judgments, and assuming you can pass an accurate judgment on a website, should a woodchuck chuck wood? Sad news on the Mata Hari front then I guess. I'll probably still get it though, just with lowered expectations. Such is life I suppose. @AlfredJ Hello and welcome! Quality avatar by the way.
  24. I'm never too sure what to think about human interest stories in the news and documentaries and such. On the one hand a human interest story will provoke a emotional response that clouds judgement and the ability to rationally assess the situation and produce an informed opinion. On the other hand it's difficult to dismiss the events impact on people's lives as being irrelevant to the formation of an informed opinion. What do other Mojo-ers think? Anyone care to argue one way or the other?
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