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  1. 1st Action RPG : Zelda (SNES) 1st Regular RPG : Final Fantasy 3 (SNES) 1st PC RPG : Morrowind Zelda overall 1st. - JediKenobi:)
  2. 100% USDA grade LIBERAL DEMOCRAT!!!! And very proud of it!!!!!!!!! - JediKenobi:)
  3. Kotor 1: Bald Black Guy(LS Male) Guy w/soul patch and scar under eye(DS Male) Short Haired Asian w/hair hanging over eye(LS/DS Female) Kotor 2: Short haired Latin looking guy w/ slight facial hair(LS Male) Clean shaven guy w/ long dark hair(DS Male) Blonde with hair braided and rapped around her head(LS Female) Waiting to do DS Female on PC version. -JediKenobi:)
  4. I know but if they do things like they have done in Kotor 2: And that would make it totally possible for anyone from the Kotor 1 crew to show up in Kotor 3. -JediKenobi:)
  5. If Exile = Exodus Then it would make sence to name your DS character Darth Exodus.
  6. Does anyone know if that also includes: Natth Cowling robes Arca Jeth's Robe Aleema Keto's Robe Sylvar's Robe Thon's Robe Crado's Robe Nomi's Robe Thanks!! -JediKenobi:)
  7. I forgot, Atton. He is way cooler than Carth was!! - JediKenobi:)
  8. I just finished beating Kotor 2 for the second time and I loved it!! Of course I already started thinking of what I would like to see in Kotor 3. Here are my ideas so far. party members returning from Kotor1: 1.) Jolee(because he made me laff) 2.) Mission(make her a Twi'lek Jedi/Hottie?) party members(new) returning from Kotor2: 1.) Visas(she's so mysterious) new party members: 1.) A Bothan, Please! Here 2.) A young member of Yoda's species. Planets: 1.) Mon Calamari 2.) Hoth or Dagobah 3.) Coruscant Anyways those are my ideas. What are yours? -JediKenobi:)
  9. I'd love to see the pistol grip style lightsabers like Count Dooku had in EP.II ! - JediKenobi P.S. - Of course there will be a Kotor III !
  10. Well I'll bet good money that your right! Nice catch Achilles! You always seem to notice this stuff first. Good eye dude! - JediKenobi
  11. Buzzard, Buzzard, Buzzard! How can you even ask? It's Vader all the way!! No contest!! :) - JediKenobi
  12. Tell me about it! Their dialogue seamed to go on forever! - JediKenobi
  13. Come on guys Juhani is a hole lot better than the king of all crybabies, Carth! LOL - JediKenobi
  14. I'm wondering what happened to Juhani? Will she be in Kotor 2? Did she survive Kotor 1? What do you guys think? - JediKenobi
  15. I'm with you RedHawke! Jar-Jar is the most annoying character in SW history! If anything he should be killed of in episode 3!....LOL - JediKenobi
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