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  1. right, and it took the monster over a month to fully wake up
  2. That movie is so badass. Shiit is non stop.
  3. why does the X360 even have the 3 red rings? it's like they knew it was going to break down and put it on there so that you know when they appeared, that X360 really sucks and that you need to waste time sending it in and stuff. on the other hand, the PS3 has no red rings of death or the like. don't be mad, i j/k. i am expecting to get a 360 soon to play loads of Halo3 and other goodness
  4. imagine if Halo 1,2 and 3 came to PS3, that would be crazy. no point to get a 360 anymore
  5. black, so nobody could see it in the dark.
  6. definitely the Office, it's pure genius. 'Til Death is funny. But Two and a Half Men is awesome with Charlie Sheen. I haven't watched alot of Scrubs, but i catch a couple episodes.
  7. NHL 2K8 has free stick-handling, you use the analog stick to control the puck and you can like pass it through your legs and whip it around, etc. My friend got NHL 08 and says it's unreal (he's playing it on the PS3 )
  8. Haze and Killzone 2 will be able to rival Halo 3. nothing special. i can't wait till i get money and get a 360 and Halo and Gears of War and Dead Rising and.....
  9. this is why you get a PS3... j/k, i can't wait to get my 360. though, it'll be awhile 'till i actually get it >.<
  10. i heard a couple days ago, leaked versions of Halo 3 (the limited edition one) were all scratched from such a crappy box design.
  11. he should sell that on ebay for a million dollars. some die hard star wars fan would buy it.
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