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    There is not much to tell. I exist within an everchanging world where the only constant is change. I'm much as I seem direct and to the point harsh abrasive and a nice person. A contradiction in terms, my soul passion is computers.
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    In the mountains of Oregon
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    RPG's, computers, Sci-Fi, & the outdoors
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    Test Technician for LaCie
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    Star Wars The Old Republic
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    Knights of The Old Republic
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  1. You going to do any more work on the Make Zaalbar a Jedi mod? Although there already is a mod out there that makes the entire Party a Jedi.

  2. Not long lost merely misplaced. Much like your keys or your wallet. ;)


    Good to see you too EW.

  3. Friends thought long lost.....


    Good to see you back!



  4. That sucks. : / Hopefully it'll wash out, though. If it's any comfort, the other night I came home stinking of cigarettes after a truly ghastly party at a friend's house.


    I'm good thanks, if rather busy at the moment. RL has upped the ante this year, and I seem to have less and less time for modding, unfortunately. I'm hoping to get stuff done, nevertheless. Glad to know you're well - and to see you around again. :)

  5. If you had asked yesterday I would have said meh. However this evening I smell of coconut rum because some drunk ass threw a bottle of it at the drivers cab and i got hit with it and got the stuff all over my cloths and bag. So this evening is ****ty, other than that though i'm ok. How bout you?

  6. Hey, DK! How're things?

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