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  1. Hold on a second, no body knows an anwser? Bagga... Well, then i cannot play SW: Gb saga anymore So be it... We've got EAW for that now, havent we?
  2. Tavion


    First off, just take it easy... Kotor mods for jedi academy can be found at the sites given by G_King... So, else, what do you mean?
  3. I'm not so good with the pc, what do you mean by specs?
  4. I'm trying to play Galactic Battle Grounds saga on pc (XP) Its installed in the normal way, but when i start playing it, i won't see any units or buildings? I also have tried to install the 1.1 update, but it said i already had it. Working under the windows 95 compatible isnt working either... What to do next?
  5. Perhaps you are right, He said it would be released on november the fitfth, well its the 14th now here, and still no sign of it
  6. I've updated before, but that did'nt work i see now... Thanks alot guys!
  7. So you all think it is not gonna come out? Why? Look at the screenshots.... Those look great right?
  8. Hey there guys, i got a problem on ForceMod 3; i can't join servers... Every time i try to join a server the message "Client/Server Game mismatch: ForceMod III V 1.0/ForceMod III V 1.01" Is anyone having this problem too and know how to fix it, I would really love to play this online...
  9. Hello every one, Does anybuddy knows when KOTF comes out, the site said 5 november but, its not yet here? Thanks in Advance Tavion
  10. , yet i knew them all accept for the sky council. I've polled a bit around on other forums, they said it had to do with coordinates. But what are the coordinates?? Thanks any way guys
  11. I have searched and searched and searched till midnight but i couldnt find one secret area in jedi's home JL 2, only with nocliping mode. Its the secret with the four chairs in the sky. If any could help me i would be very glad
  12. Is there any way to get the EAW FoC music? there was a program somewhere on this forum but i could'nt found it...
  13. Thanks for the info i will take it with me
  14. Thnx, installing it now, by the way: In the mod The Eclipse is from the empire or the Zann Consortium?
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