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  1. Could you possibly do a capeless version as well?
  2. Very nice, lookin' foward to it...
  3. Hey Neo, love the model, great work... When you are using the no cape version and are hit in the back, you see body damage on the area where the cape would be. I'm sure it's just a small bug you can take care of easily but I thought I would just let you know. Keep up the good work! ~Osiris
  4. I got the mesh from ZBomber if anyone would like it.
  5. *Bump* Matt would you be able to send me the mesh? I PMed you, and a friend of mine might be able to change it into humanoid form and get it in game. All credit would be given to you, of course, . My E-mail is osiris0290@gmail.com If Matt does not have the model, ZBomber would you be able to send it to me? Has the SSMB TC mod been released? Because I couldn't find anything like it, and maybe if it had been, it would make things much much easier. You would also be given credit as well. Thanks!
  6. Woot! I've been checking this thread at least every hour, please PLEASE release it today once you get all the bugs sorted out. Also I can get the sounds working for you unless Psyk0 or Neon has already taken care of it. My E-mail is osiris0290@gmail.com Yay, I'm so exited for this to be released! ~Osiris
  7. How do I actually download it once I am logged in to your account? Edit: Nevermind, figured it out.
  8. Looks promising Twingo.
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