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  1. It's a word in Japanese put at the end of statements
  2. But Bioware wasn't even going to make it, Obisidian is, duh.
  3. I was wondering if anyone had a saved game of a female character on Dantooine just before the meeting with the council? (kotor 1) If anybody does I'd really like a copy of it. I really hate playing Taris and I really want to play Kotor 1 again but I don't want to have to play through Taris. You could email it to me or upload it at your site or something? My email is *snip* PM me instead and thanks to anyone that can help me. Please do not post your email here on the forums, thanks. -RH
  4. I'd be born in a beautiful sea-side town on Naboo where the water is pure and the people are kind.
  5. If you liked Kotor 1 I'd strongly recommend you get it
  6. Okay, thanks for the tips. I was also wondering along the lines of skills, attributes and classes and what would be an interesting combination.
  7. What would you say was your most original playthrough and why? And does anyone know how I could make both my character (not name) and playthrough a lot different and more fun? Also I have a few questions. Firstly is there a way to disable the save games showing how long you've been playing for? Secondly is there a way to cheat without 'cheat used' coming up?
  8. I was thinking of using Mario :|
  9. I know but I am so contary and I really need people to tell be exactly what to do or I think I've made the wrong decision
  10. Best Sith Lord (Both g) - Darth Nihilius Worst Sith Lord - Darth Malak Best Non-Party Jedi - Kavar Best Music - Kreia's fall Best Planet - Telos, Taris Best Designed Planet - Dxun, Kashyyk Best Movie - unsure Best Level - Tomb on Korriban Worst Level - Tattoine sand people Best Lightsaber Color - violet Best Armour - matuki adept robs Best Gun - bendak's pistol Best Voice Acting - Disciple, Atton, Carth Worst Voice Acting - Sion
  11. I have, I played number one as Lena once and was shocked when I bumped into someone called Lena
  12. I was thinking of, once I finish my current game in TSL of course of playing two games at the same pace with completely different characters. One male, one female and just choosing different and stuff but stay at about the same place with both characters. What do you think? Should I or would it be a bad idea? If I do my character's will be... Name: Analia Gender: female Class: sentiel Skills: all except stealth and maybe only a little repair Order of Planets after Dantooine/Telos (depending on which game): Nar Shardaa, Dxun-Onderon, Dantooine, Korriban Head: blonde with bun Path: mostly light but makes some bad decisions Name: (need help here, I'm hopeless with guy's names) Gender: male Class: unsure Skills: unsure Order of Planets after Dantooine/Telos (depending on which game): decide when I get there Head: the red haired guy most likely Path: say whatever, do whatever What do you think, is it a good idea?
  13. Where can I get those programs?
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