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  1. Wow That was amazing! Things like this remind me why I like the Star Wars universe. Hi Mr. Shem Long time no see!
  2. You can always use the Internet Archive for such things.
  3. The author is Messkell. Direct Link Original Page
  4. Can I please have permission to upload your kotor mods onto nexus for people to download I will Give you credit for anything I upload.

  5. hey kristy, I am a BIGGGG fun of your modding. Kotor-TSL clothing mostly.


    now, after giving u thanks for such a hard work over the years and sharing it :golfclap: ... I'm gonna ask if there's a quick way to remove Darth Malak (and Bastila if possible) from the ending cutscene of Kotor in the 2 Altered endings mod.


    I know how hard u worked to place him there ... :raise: but I'd prefer to leave away from Revan and the lightsiders the man who destroyed Taris, Dantooine and brought so much destruction to other worlds (and he turned out a little taller by using a wookiee u know haha).


    I thought about removing the Malak utc (sta_45darthmalak) from the STUNT_58_s.rim, and Bastila's too if killed. Would that be enough??


    thanks for your time :wavey:

  6. Your Website may be down

  7. This past november I was bored and decided to try something new - the mmo. I had never played an mmo before and I was looking to give it a try, so I searched for free mmo's and I landed on Rappelz. I have to say that this game does lack seriously in any type of real interaction other than with other players - it's mostly based on exhaustively killing monsters and trying to gain levels and new skills. That and trying to develop your buying and selling skills since weapons, pets, and armor in this game are ridiculously high when purchased from other players. That said, I've still found this game to be horribly addictive. Show spoiler (hidden content - requires Javascript to show)
  8. BFG 7800 GS 256mb... The only reason I went with this card was it was the best I could get for an AGP based motherboard after my last card (BFG FX 5700 Ultra 128mb) crapped out. I now have a AGP / PCI Express motherboard, but have yet to upgrade my video card. BTW...I like BFG
  9. Messkell actually made a Visas Marr Unveiled mod. You could try requesting it in the Mod Link Requests from PCGM and other Sites thread.
  10. The Bard's Tale on the Commodore 64. Edit: This was also the first game that I actually hacked the save game.
  11. You know it kinda scares me that you actually knew this...jk Thanks stoffe!
  12. According to all the reviews and info I've read about Bloodlines, there is supposed to be a song in the game called Needle's Eye by Die My Darling. I have looked through the resources thoroughly and haven't seen it. Is this song actually in the game that anyone knows of? Or was that only on the soundtrack cd itself?
  13. A couple of screens of my pc from Bloodlines. I decided I wanted one of my outfits to be the goth girl about half way through the game. Admittedly dated graphics, but I loved it
  14. Just an FYI. My mod contains model files only so there is no uti to edit. If you want to wear the masked Revan's Robes, you can use the uti that EW gave you - just add a disguise property that points to the Revan appearance. If you want to wear the unmasked Revan's Robes, you will need to make changes to your appearance.2da. At least this is the most common way. Alternately you could rename the model files to match the modelj column of the appearance.2da.
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