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  1. You can always use the Internet Archive for such things.
  2. Can I please have permission to upload your kotor mods onto nexus for people to download I will Give you credit for anything I upload.

  3. hey kristy, I am a BIGGGG fun of your modding. Kotor-TSL clothing mostly.


    now, after giving u thanks for such a hard work over the years and sharing it :golfclap: ... I'm gonna ask if there's a quick way to remove Darth Malak (and Bastila if possible) from the ending cutscene of Kotor in the 2 Altered endings mod.


    I know how hard u worked to place him there ... :raise: but I'd prefer to leave away from Revan and the lightsiders the man who destroyed Taris, Dantooine and brought so much destruction to other worlds (and he turned out a little taller by using a wookiee u know haha).


    I thought about removing the Malak utc (sta_45darthmalak) from the STUNT_58_s.rim, and Bastila's too if killed. Would that be enough??


    thanks for your time :wavey:

  4. Your Website may be down

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