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  1. ugh another ridiculous thing about the game, you know, BF had such high hopes, and they seem to be crashin 1 afer another, i love the gameplay, but there are so many missing aspects or screw ups, that it gets soo irritating. For any jk2/ja players, i don't know why BF devs didnt use the same interface, but if it aint broke dont fix it. The voicechat in game was one of the features they told players about the game. As sad as it is, this game was badly rushed to go hand in hand with the DVD set.
  2. Just to clarify will i be able to buy Battlefront IN stores on september 21st? I ask only because that is when its to be "shipped out" so im a little confused
  3. What Jedi characters would you like too see duking it out in game? Obviusly there are a limited few wen it comes to the Galatic War, but when your immersed in the Clone Wars I'd like to report to a Jedi Master for my orders.
  4. Hey guys:yodac: The FragRock gaming community is coming to Star Wars:Battlefront. We are a 300+ member sized gaming coomunity that has played in games like the Jedi Knight series, Halo, Counter Strike, and StarWars:Galaxies:wan: . Now we are here looking for a fresh breed of new gamers to join our community(not a clan). FragRock not a clan? Yea, simply join up and agree to play nice with or other members and your in. SO if you are looking a group to play with in StarWars:Battlefront look no further than FragRock. Come visit us at: FragRock Gaming
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