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  1. AKA, there aren't any and won't be any.
  2. The core clock speed would be the speed of the VPU, video processing unit. It's the number of processes per x amount of time. It's just like the speed of the CPU in your computer. Memory on your graphics card also has a bus speed that basically tells you how fast information is transfered in and out of RAM. Just like the memory in your computer. Think of your graphics card as a very small computer, with out a hard drive, that's sole purpose is to process video.
  3. I will definately stop by, and spread the word as well.
  4. because it IS the 1.1 patch. They added the 0.01 only for the map. And hopefully this will get more people to update their freakin game already!
  5. People forget that this is a TEAM game. There are too many out there who just want to play as individuals. This is NOT deathmatch game play! This thread examplifies the desire to play the game as an individual. You cannot take a tank down by yourself with a rocket launcher. This is designed this way on purpose. Again this is a TEAM game. If you have a group of 2 or 3 rocket troops you can easily take down a tank, even with a pilot on board. You just need to alternate your shots so the tank health consistently goes down and has no time to heal. If you work as a team, vehicles are very easy to bring down. Unless they are spawn humping your only spawn point, obviously OR if the tank has itself lodged on top of a repair droid. In that case you just need to destroy the droid first. Though in general, if you know what to do, and you work as a TEAM and not individually, rocket troopers are very effective against vehicles! So my responce to this thread is...work as an individual and yes rockets are uselss, work as a team and vehicles are no match for the rocket. TEAM WORK PEOPLE!!!
  6. By ladder I am assuming you mean the Gamespy ladder on the SWBF official site. This is a team game, so any individual ladder is pretty much worthless to start with. Clan ladders are going to be the true grading system for players. Besides, people are all excited about how they got 50 or 100 kills. Big flippin deal. With servers that have 500 tickets of course someone is gonna get a crap load of kills, and if you are just going for kills it's pretty freakin easy to get them. I have seen teams where the top guy had 50 some kills, 20 more then the other teams leader, and STILL loose the game. That's pretty pathetic. If someone has the most kills on the server and their team still looses it tells me either their team really sucked, or they aren't a team player and are more concerned about individual stats. Most times it's the latter! I see so many people posting, "hey look at me, I went 50-0-0" or "I went 60 kills 3 deaths and 1 capture. I got that one capture so you know I wasn't in a vehicle the whole time." Who freakin cares. Do you not see the dozens and dozens of other posts saying the same. It's NOT hard to do at all. And an FYI, you CAN get a capture while in a vehicle. All you need is to be by a spawn point in the vehicle and have a teammate capture the CP. Then you get a capture as well, so no 1 capture does not prove you weren't in a vehicle the same time. If you get 10 CP captures, that will impress me more then 100 kills.
  7. That's what I wanna know as well. Having FF off is not that big of a deal. If you want realizm, obviously you aren't gonna get it with a Star Wars game. Come on, blasters and hairy creatures that can build a spaceship from scratch. It's not a realistic universe. Friendly fire needs to be turned off until some work arounds are figured out. Until then FF is a griefers best friend!
  8. Cool, because SEVERAL people have been wanting remote capabilities for booting and banning. I hear it all the time, and from what I've seen in game alot more booting and banning is needed!!! To tell you the truth, I think there are several server admins out there who don't even know how to boot or ban now with the new 1.1 patch. You tool I think would greatly change that!
  9. Completely agree with Yahoo.s2f's first post in every way. Love the game, but the voting sucks, TKer's are getting worse, the next patch really needs to start smoothing out all these highly annoying problems!
  10. Yes Rends that is what you need to do. Every vote is casted by hitting TAB, clicking the player, clicking Vote to Boot. The vote is started that way, and then everyone votes to boot the player that way. Very, very crappy voting system, basically worthless. They might as well remove it. They need a serious optimization to it next patch. I truly hope that when they added that description to the new patch about the voting being optimized, it was for real but just didn't make the patch, and will be out in the next patch. I REALLy hope so. It's getting ridiculous!!!
  11. In the read me of the new 1.1 patch, one of the new features that is listed says "Process for voting an abusive player off a game has been optimized." Did I miss something here? As far as I can tell it's the same POS voting system as before where you hit TAB, click the player name, and then click "Vote to Boot" at the bottom of the screen. I see no change or "optimized" voting process. Am I wrong and just not seeing it? Calling a vote in game right now is the most worthless process. You will be the only person voting. You might announce to the whole server 20 times how to hit tab and vote for the person, but you still have everyone asking, "how do I vote". Griefing is getting really bad! This weekend when I played on acouple servers I ended up just quit out of the whole game after the experiences I had. Here is mearly an example of MANY griefing techniques I am seeing with no way of stopping it. Warning, griefing tactic exposed: It got to the point where our team started hunting these two players down instead of the opposing imperial team. We tried calling boot votes, but only got about 3 votes, with most people asking constantly how to vote right after we explained how to. Again this was only one instance of griefing with others I am not gonna get into. If voting was optimized greatly I think we'd avoid this crap from happening. So hopefully the optimization just missed being in the patch and will be coming with the next update, cause I see now optimization at this point!
  12. Um....I hit the E key to both enter and exit. You might wanna check your key bindings. Though mine are on default. Hit "E" I enter a vehicle, hit "E'' again and I exit.
  13. I agree with Alegis, if anything the vehicle HP should be reduced. The rocket strength should not be just increased. It does insane damage on units. If possible, it would be nice to increase rocket damage vs vehicles while keeping rocket damage vs units the same. Though I'm not sure they have different damage variables for different unit types. Hopefully they do for balancing sake. I think balancing at this time needs to be on a per map basis. I wish they would have given server admins the ability to adjust the number of vehicles on a map. For example, the tattooine dune sea and the naboo plains both are two small and open for the number of vehicles. Maybe one tank/speeder/walker per side, but definately not two and then acouple other planes or speeders. Those matches just turn into vehicular spawn point humping. Also on Ren Var(sp?), the imps have an AT-AT and two tanks, while the rebels just get two speeders. Not a fair balance. Give server admins the ability to add and subtract vehicles so we can tweak the balance on maps. Fortunately the devs did include the ability to adjust tickets per faction per map with the new server build. This will help server admins try to balance out maps. For example, in the naboo and tattooine cities jetpack troopers can just jump from spawn to spawn point easily. Throw 100 or so extra tickets on the droids side to help even things out. The units definately need to be tweaked cause there are definately balancing issues, but I think map balancing at this time is more important!
  14. So what's the word on a new version for the 1.1 patch?
  15. I think it depends on the map, and thankfully you can set the tickets per team per map! The tickets I believe will help balance maps. Some maps are so easy for jetpacktrooper of the clones to jump around in, like naboo city and kamino. Setting the tickets higher for the clones would balance the game out I feel. Again the tickets should be adjusted according to map. Also according to how many people max the server handles.
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