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  1. Read here and learn how to do a .bat file: http://www.forumplanet.com/3dactionplanet/swbf2beta/topic.asp?fid=14923&tid=1750775&p=1
  2. I have seen that u are sign up in the bw6. See you in
  3. It's an interesting idea BUT... ... who will host between the 2 players? In matches between Euro and NA players there will be a lot of lag, and a good ping without lag is a very big advantage in a game like swb. Did you think how to solve this problem?
  4. Take a look here: http://www.starwars.com/databank/organization/stormcommandos/eu.html
  5. You didn't play for 7 days, so u lost a lot of position. I lost the first spot because during the first days of january i lost about 7000 positions in 7+4 days of inactivity.
  6. howether there is a difference between the dc17 and the trando merc assault rifle... the trando one sound is very ugly... lol
  7. And then who put the command in the game? Santa Claus? LOL If pandemic developed the game and it is in the game, it's obviously that they put it in. Read here the post made by pad: http://www.lucasforums.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=144535
  8. LOL The.Grem answered to you, bounty8. Howether, if you want to call pandemic, you have a telephone, right? Then, like you said...
  9. FIRST ERROR: We do not like 2 things: - people that use cheats and similar things - people that didn't say nothing after the discovering of this problem, but on the contrary hided it like a secret. SECOND ERROR: It's not an antigamepad sermon, but an anticheater sermon. But now, that the problem is on the eyes of the public, the problem is finished. Why? Because: - the community know it - all the tournaments now use the /noaim command, so noone will continue to have unfair advantages - server admins now can choose themselves if leave autoaim active or not. Howether, if you want to ask them why they leave this feature in the pc version, ask it. I only know that one week ago i sent a mail to lucasarts for asking some explanation on this and they didn't send any answer. P.S: Just for curiosity, Emyr and bounty8, what is your ingame nick?
  10. We already spoke with one of the developers at the link posted by kingguru a pair of posts ago. Are you crazy or what?
  11. Did you compressed right this video? 75 mb are a lot...
  12. Probably because it should be dedicated to a future swbII...
  13. Here another demo video, now used during an action: http://www.xslclan.com/joypadcheatsurveying/joyaimactiondemo.wmv
  14. DOSSIER CHEAT: Joypads in SWB and in-game AutoAim by =XSL=Fds[iTa] and the =XSL= AntiCheat Team [XSLclan.com] This text want to describe probably one of the most dangerous "errors" made by Pandemic in the coding/conversion of the PC version of Star Wars Battlefront. _______________________________________________________________ - Introduction Our first suspect started when we noticed that there were players around the SWB servers that could kill enemies with normal blasters in about 3 - 4 laser bolts, without missing any shot or with a very low percentage of miss. This strange thing convinced us to start a surveying for understanding how it could be possible. After about a month of various covert operations we discovered a trace: - all those players used to play infantry classes WITH A JOYPAD. So, we thought that probably the advantage could be determined by the structure of SWB maps, usually all flat, because designed for be played with a console joypad. But... _______________________________________________________________ - The Problem ... the real problem appeared at our eyes when we tried to use Joypads with infantry classes: The Joypad was AIMING ALONE! The joypad was automatically targetting the enemy. We tested these joypads with SWB: Microsoft Sidewinder Microsoft Sidewinder Freestyle Pro Saitek P3000 Wireless Logitech Rumblepad Logitech Precision USB but can be tested with any model on the market, it is not related on the Joypad Model. Probably is a feature designed for Xbox and PS2 players, for help the aiming with console joypads. The problem is that they did not remove this part of code from the PC version. We made a video demostration of the AutoAiming Effect. Download it here: http://www.xslclan.com/joypadcheatsurveying/joypad_cit.wmv Like can be seen in the video, not all classes support the autoaim effect: For example Rocket Launcher, Sniper Rifle, Granade Launcher and EMP Cannon does not AutoAim, but Pistol, Blaster Rifle, Electric Pilot Rifle, DarkTrooper/RebelPilot Shotgun have the AutoAim help if used with a Joypad. _______________________________________________________________ - The Solution This AutoAiming feature is a big problem for the game. It can not be called exactly a cheat, because it is not an external program, but its effect is EXACTLY LIKE A CHEAT! Howether, during a research on our archives, we have found the server side command called "/noaim". We tested this command on some test servers and we discovered what we hoped: This command can DISABLE THE AUTOAIMING EFFECT!!! And without this effect, all the Joypads that we tested loss their strange precision. Remember: The command is /noaim and have to be added in the APP_COMMAND_LINE_BASIC on the file "battlefront server.ini", contained in the root Dedicated Server Folder. _______________________________________________________________ - Conclusions Now the problem is public, and the solution too. What can be done for definitively solve the problem? 1) Pandemic MUST remove this feature from the PC Version of StarWars Battlefront in the next patch. 2) Server Admins have to add in their battlefront server.ini the /noaim command. 3) All Tournaments-Leagues that at the moment support SWB have to disallow the use of joypads in official matches. 4) All the clans that do not want to cheat have to PREVENT their members from the use of Joypads in SWB with Infantry Classes. At the moment all the players that use a Joypad with infantry classes in StarWars Battlefront are like cheaters. Probably involuntarily. But if they continue to use it after the reading of this document, they want to be cheaters voluntarily. I want to say thanks to all the =XSL= members that spent their time in the discovering, analizing, testing and documenting this "feature", to ORG]=Antakah for his online tests of the /noaim setting and to TAW_Rebel for his support. Vis Nobiscum EST! SEMPER! =XSL=Fds[iTa] =XSL= Xa'Felian Space Legion Clan Leader =XSL= AntiCheat Team Leader http://www.XSLclan.com The First Italian StarWars Battlefront Clan! The First StarWars Republic Commando Clan on the World!
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