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  1. remember that Jedi will still be a server setting. I assume many (if not most) servers will just turn it off...so no problem
  2. Bear in mind that issuing a sequel instead of an expansion is a ripoff in two ways 1. It costs more (probably $50 instead of $25) 2. You cant use the old maps with the new ones Battlefield 1942 did the right thing...they issued two expansions both of which came with patches to the original game. This way you get an improved core game engine PLUS the ability to run all the maps from both the original game and the expansions in the same server rotation. BF2 should be a patch and expansion pack for the PC. Anything else is just an insult to the people who payed for the game. Also from what i have seen...it is likely that they arent planning on doing a Linux server AGAIN and no RCON controls (therefore no remote servers). Carrying this handicap from the SWBF1 forward dooms SWBF2 to a very limited server community.
  3. So Pandemic want a 'do-over'? this sounds like the game Battlefront was supposed to be...they should just release it as the 1.3 patch...or at least a lower cost addon. its insulting to make people pay another 50 bucks after selling us the 'betatest' that was swbf 1.0 I wonder if it will even have a server tool (which the current game still doesnt)...and have they learned the lesson that a PC game needs to be a PC game (and not just a console port with tiny little maps). Battlefield 2 will be out by then...if they dont want to be laughed out of the market they better make a quantum leap in quality and functionality.
  4. i am starting to believe there never will be one...pathetic
  5. is there going to be another release of this?
  6. remember there is no remote access to a server even a rented one...so unless you have root access you cant do diddly
  7. my clan stop hosting this game until there is a way to remotely control the game it is pointless. I dont want to have to log into my remote server desktop every time i just want to boot someone...and i dont want to give that kind of access around to anyone in my clan. if this tool works I would start hosting again...and i am sure there are other admins who would as well. ...no pressure
  8. bear in mind if you are running this out of your homes broadband connection you will see significant lag with anything greater than 4 (human) players
  9. did you read the FAQ? the troubleshooting section recommends installing Direct X9. Most dedicated servers do not require DX, but we all know that SWBF is not like other games hope that helps
  10. has anyone used this tool? any reviews?
  11. The following message was posted today on the Lucas Boards I have been one of the chief critics of this game. You can see erupting on this board two fights the 'pc vs console' fight and the 'loveit v dissapointed' fight, but I would like to call a truce. Lets see what they come up with. My main questions for LEC are: RE: 'additional options for Hosts...Linux version of the dedicated server' are these new tools tied to the update of the client game? RE: new enhancements and additions to the various platforms are changes going to be made 'cross platform' or can the PC version diverge from the console version? ...and of course: How long to wait?
  12. my point was beyond the fact that there are still bugs in the game, that is bad enough. But the multiplayer graphics, ingame browser lack of RCon and other fundamental designs of this game are just unaccaptable for a game released in 2004. Then you have the balance issues, the mod issues and all the other things that you would come to expect from a game that is trying to be like Battlefield. Lets face it...they talked this game up in pregame interviews and gave us the impression it was going to be a real PC game on par with Battlefield, UT2004, COD and other PC games and it is not (and may never be). I really wanted to love this game, some day I might, but I dont excuse Pandemic and LEC for putting out a game that is far from finished.
  13. for shame to the appologists who seem to think its acceptable to sell people a defective product based on the hope it will work as advertised 'eventually' they are still fixing **** that should never be in a modern game...and there are still many things left in the game that dont belong in a modern vid game
  14. Patch is limited to connectivity I guess the figure they need to fix peoples ability to get into and stay in games before they start working on the gameplay issues. I cant see the dif with the ingame browser, but you can use 3rd party browsers now (GSA, xfire, ASE) Kind of a stark comparison though to the EA's release today of the 200MB BFV 1.2 Patch with new maps, vehicles, weapons, spectator mode, etc, etc,
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